3 Meals a Day is Racist and So is Everything Else

You’ve probably seen the article on how eating three meals a day is racist. What isn’t these days?

Speaking about his departure from his Department of Justice position, Eric Holder said that young people should read The Autobiography of Malcolm X (who was murdered by blacks).

I read it as a college student. It is worth reading to see the change that took place in Malcolm. It might have been one of the reasons he was assassinated by blacks who were upset that he was no longer the angry black man and that white people should not be blamed for everything. Maybe it’s time that Eric Holder rereads it.

Of course, if  The Autobiography of Malcolm X is the only book young people read, we are in big trouble.

In the film version of the book, Malcolm is introduced to the racist version of color. The definition of “black,” as John Elton Bembry, a composite character who does not appear in the book, is always negative: “destitute of light, devoid of color, enveloped in darkness, utterly dismal or gloomy, soiled with dirt, foul, sullen, hostile, forbidding, outrageously wicked.”

White, on the other hand, is positive: “the color of pure snow, the opposite of black, free from spot or blemish, innocent, pure, without evil intent, harmless, square deal, honest.” Malcolm makes a connection: “This is written by White folks, right?” White is wrong, Black is right, just like the Nation of Islam teaches.

Coal and oil are black, and it’s liberals who believe they are evil even though they heat homes, produce steel, and move our economy by cars, trucks, trains, and planes. There are the very rare black pearls.

Let’s not forget the “little black dress.”

Of course, being “in the black” is good. But there are still racist overtones since being “in the red” is bad, and we all know that “red” refers to “Redskins,” and that’s also racist. There is no escape from racism since everything turns on race. That’s the way it is today.

If everything is about race, and there is no escaping it, how do young blacks ever escape the racial vortex? Many blacks do, because for them, it’s not all about race.

The following list is from (with two additions of my own).


Academic freedomAdam Sandler filmsAdopting black childrenAir, AladdinAll you can eat taco barsAloofAmerican GirlAmerican flag, AmnestyAngryArab face/white belly dancersArresting international gun runnersAvatar

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BabiesBanning Baggy PantsBanning hoodiesBeards, Being against minimum wage increaseBeing against ObamaCareBeing anti-unionBeing whiteBeing whiteBenghazi investigationBitcoinBlack dogsBody Mass IndexBoehner, JohnBlack holeBlack-on-white rape, Border securityBreaking BadBrown bag lunchBugger


Calling a jerk a jerkCalling a spade a spadeCapitalismCarpChanging election days/timesCharter schoolsChicagoChicago BlackhawksChinese Fire DrillChristiansChristianityCleveland IndiansClimate changeClint Eastwood’s chair​Clinton, Bill (opposition to)Coachella Valley Arabs, Coconut brasColbert (Stephen)College transcriptsColorblindnessThe ConstitutionCountry musicCrimeCrossing your armsCruz (Ted), Cutting off a mic


Death penaltyDemocratsDescartesDemocracy, Discussing war on ChristmasDogsDuck DynastyDumboDylan (Bob)


EarsEcstasyEmojisEnding racismThe EnlightenmentEntitlement societyExpensive vacationsExperience


FantasiaFatFBI ratFewer black Major League Baseball playersFingernailsFirefighter testsFlower Drum SongFood stampsFounding FathersFox NewsFracking


Game of ThronesGetting food poisoning at an ethnic restaurantGlobal warming, GolfGoogleGovernment shutdownGrass skirtsGummy BearsGuns, Gun ownersGun rightsGyp


Harvard Business SchoolHashtagsHello kitty videoHiring a hit manHump dayHurricane during a political conventionHussein


I Blame Myself videoIce cream trucksImpeaching a corrupt bureaucratImpeachmentImproving a neighborhoodImproving failed schoolsIncompetentInsulting drug dealersIntelligenceInterracial marriageInternal Revenue Service


Job performance reviewsThe Jungle Book


Kaling (Mindy)Kicking a doorThe King & IKitchen Cabinet


Lack of black Oscar winnersLackadaisicalLady and the TrampLaw & Order, Lazy​​Lesbians,​LiarThe Little MermaidThe Lone RangerLord of the RingsLordeLos Angeles police dogsLosing a union voteLow information voters


Master bedroomMarijuana lawsMilitary haircuts


Nabbing corrupt politiciansThe national debtThe national debt (again),The NBANigerian email scammersNot expanding MedicaidNot liking tacosNot liking Washington DCNot visiting a mosqueNullification


Obama (yes, Obama)Obama’s declining popularityOld menOnly dating people of your own raceOpposing big governmentOpposing Bill Clinton, Opposing Common CoreOpposing gay marriageOpposing immigration reformOpposing Medicare reform


Paddy wagonPalin (Sarah)Peanut butter and jelly sandwichesPeanut galleryPerry (Rick)Peter Pan, PhiestaPhi GammaPhotography, Picnic, PocahontasPlay on wordsPollution, Pre-schoolPresident ObamaPrivate schoolsPrivilegedProfessor, Prosecuting a black abortionistPro-LifePunctuation/spelling/grammar, Punishing an organization that repeatedly violates university rules


Questioning a black person’s genius


Race neutral college admission policiesRadio talk show hostsReadingReagan (Ronald)Recognizing IsraelRepublicansRescheduling electionsRomney (Mitt)Romney voters​​​​


Santa ClausSchool mascotsScrutinizing ObamaSelf-defense, SelfiesSiouxper drunkShowboatShuck and jiveSick daysSilicon ValleySnowSomeone else’s moneyStating a crime suspect’s raceStar TrekStates rightsSuperhero moviesSupreme CourtSurviving a concentration campSushi chef Halloween costumeSwan


Take back our countryTaking jobs from AmericansTeacher tenureThe Tea PartyThe terms “black” and “white,” The Village PeopleThomas (Clarence),Thoroughly Modern MillyThug Twain (Mark)


The word ugly, Unemployment benefits (not extending)University of Utah fight song, Union bossesUnqualifiedUppityUrban


Venture capitalVideo games, Voter ID laws


War on drugsWashington RedskinsWelfareWelfare queen, White ChristmasWhite JesusWinning 50% of the voteWorkfare instead of welfare


You didn’t build thatYou lieYou people


Zero tolerance rules that impact black studentsZionism

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