Leftist Racialists Pounce on Starbucks. Leftists Eventually Eat Their Own

As soon as I heard about how two black men were arrested in a Starbucks because they would not leave, I made some predictions. First, there would be Leftist outrage. Second, there would be an overreaction by Starbucks. Third, the Left would not be satisfied.

My fourth prediction is below.

According to press reports, the two men entered the Starbucks and asked for the key to the bathroom. But bathrooms at Starbucks are only for paying customers, and the two men hadn’t ordered anything yet. Having been denied access to the toilet, they took a seat at a table, claiming that they were waiting for a friend to arrive before they ordered. The manager then asked them to leave. After they refused, she called the cops, who arrested them for trespassing. (Reason)

In an age where nearly everyone has a camera, the incident was caught on video and posted online. After seeing it, the Social Justice Warriors went into action.

Since the story and the manufactured backlash hit, Starbucks is going to close its 8000 locations for half-a-day in May to hold racial sensitivity training. Instead of dealing with this single store, Starbucks overreacted like the Left overreached on the gun issue. Instead of dealing with the guilty, Starbucks pronounces judgment on every employee who works at a Starbucks and indicts the entire company.

None of this was enough for the Left. My fourth prediction was that Starbucks will become a haven for political racialists. And I might add, a haven for the homeless and people taking advantage of the situation. “Let’s go to Starbucks. They won’t throw us out. They CAN’T throw us out.”

Sure enough, a black man went into a Starbucks and demanded free coffee for “reparations” after charging Starbucks with being a “racist” organization. Apparently, this guy doesn’t know that Starbucks is one of the most liberal companies in the company. It has done everything to support Leftist and Leftist causes.

Here’s how it went.

“I heard ya’ll was racist, so I came to get my free coffee,” Sharpe says in the video to the white barista taking his order.

“I saw that!” the girl responds.

“I heard you guys don’t like black people, so I came to get my Starbucks reparations voucher,” Sharpe continues.

“Not our store,” the barista says.

“Is that a real thing?” she asks him. “I mean, I’ll give it to you. I saw that on my Twitter last night and I was like, what the f*ck!”

“I need a free coffee,” Sharpe tells her, taking advantage of the stupidity of the company.

“I’ll give you a free coffee,” the barista says.

“That’s what I’m talking about! This is justice,” Sharpe says sarcastically. “This is justice. This is what I’m talking about.” (The American Mirror)

No, it’s blackmail. “Black privilege gets me free coffee,” Sharpe says. “I love racism. Only in America.”

The racialists have latched on to what happened in the Starbucks store in Philadelphia:

Far left groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the NAACP will be assisting with the reeducation camp. Former Attorney General Eric ‘Fast and Furious’ Holder will also be working with Starbucks to train employees…. Starbucks previously pledged to hire Muslim ‘refugees’ over American veterans sparking a boycott. Now they’re calling in Eric Holder and a far left hate group such as the ADL to train employees to be anti-white anti-bias. (Gateway Pundit)

Why does Starbucks need to train its employees about subconscious racism? Starbucks is a liberal company! Liberals aren’t racists.

Leftists are never satisfied. They always want more until they destroy everything.

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