16 Mar 2013

Richard Dawkins Says a ‘Fetus’ is Less Human than an Adult Pig

I love it when an atheist like Richard Dawkins becomes more consistent with his unbelieving worldview. They set a trap for themselves, as Proverbs 28:10 makes clear: He who leads the upright astray in an evil way Will himself fall into his own pit, But the blameless will inherit good.

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02 Feb 2013

Atheists Want You to Have a Personal Relationship with “Reality”

Atheists are always trying to be clever but rarely are. Their new advertising campaign carries this line: “Atheism: A Personal Relationship with Reality.” What’s real in a materialistic, evolutionary, and amoral worldview? These atheists are begging the question. That is, they are assuming what they first must prove. They are

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19 Dec 2012

Did Adam Lanza’s Genes Make Him a Mass Murderer?

Why did Adam Lanza enter Sandy Hook Elementary School and murder 26 people? The parents of their dead children, educational officials, the police, and mental health experts are trying to find Lanza’s motive. What set him off? Blame for Lanza’s grotesque criminal act is being shifted to some form of

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03 Dec 2012

Germans Can’t Say Having ‘Relations’ with Animals is Wrong

I’m no longer shocked by what I read in the news these days. What would have turned people’s stomachs 30 or 40 years ago, now these stories are met with a dismissive “Whatever.” The latest once-thought-to-be moral atrocity has to do with “zoophilia” (from the Greek zōion, meaning “animal,” from

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06 Oct 2012

Consistent Atheism in Action at Major University

Maybe you’ve seen the headline: “Michigan Professor Strips Naked in Class, Shouts ‘There Is No F–king God’” While on a speaking tour in the North East part of the United States and Canada two weeks ago, I presented a talk on the ethical implications of atheistic evolution. I pointed out

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14 Oct 2011

Atheist Richard Dawkins Accuses Country Club of ‘Bigotry’

Prominent and outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins accused the Wyndgate Country Club outside of Detroit of “cancelling his planned speaking event at a fundraising dinner due to his view of religion,” or lack of it. The dinner was organized by the Center for Inquiry along with the Richard Dawkins Foundation. “The

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