Consistent Atheism in Action at Major University

Maybe you’ve seen the headline: “Michigan Professor Strips Naked in Class, Shouts ‘There Is No F–king God’”

While on a speaking tour in the North East part of the United States and Canada two weeks ago, I presented a talk on the ethical implications of atheistic evolution. I pointed out that while atheists are not by definition immoral, they cannot account for morality or immorality given the operating assumptions of materialism, which are fundamental to atheism.

There is no morality in matter or in the intricacies of DNA. No one has seen written on anyone’s DNA commandments that state, “You shall not murder, steal, or rape.” In scientific terms, there is no such “thing” as morality. And even if DNA had certain prohibitions encoded up and down its double helix strands, what would be the obligation to follow them?

In a debate with an emailer, I challenged him to send me a box with some morality in it. I wanted this supposed consistent materialist to back up his materialist worldview with the material of morality. Of course, there is no such “thing” as morality in a matter-only cosmos.

Some atheists are beginning to see the logical implications of a matter-only worldview. Meaninglessness is the operative word.

According to Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters, Michigan State University math professor John McCarthy stripped naked in the middle of his Calculus I class and started shouting obscenities.

“Freshman Kyle Hillman told that in the middle of walking the class through a routine derivative problem, McCarthy said, ‘Math is all about questions and answers. And Steve Jobs invented the computer, but what do computers do? They ask questions and we answer them.’

“‘He started talking about his colleagues and how they’re all actors,’ Hillman told ‘He said, “It’s all an act and none of it’s real.” Then he ran out of the classroom.’”

Math is another one of those non-“things” that materialists believe in but have never seen. No wonder Professor McCarthy went off his rocker. It finally hit him: “It’s all an act and none of it’s real.” According to an article on the Huffington Post, one of McCarthy’s outbursts included this gem: “There is no f–king god.” If there is no god, then there is no meaning. McCarthy saw the consistency of his worldview and it drove him batty. Fortunately for all of us not all materialists are as consistent.

Ultimately, atheists live off borrowed capital. They pontificate on what they claim is true and right, and yet they can’t account for ultimate meaning. In the end, “all we are is dust in the wind.” They claim to use reason, and yet given materialistic assumptions about the nature of reality, there is no way to account for it.

Atheists have never shown empirically – scientifically – how an inert beginning to the cosmos became a cosmos with meaning, rational beings, and moral precepts. Where did the encoding of the DNA come from? What is the origin of information? The atheist high priest Richard Dawkins claims that the cosmos only “appears” to be designed. That’s like saying that a Corvette only appears to be designed. Evolution is one of the most irrational worldviews around. It only has credibility because there are scientists who have attached their names and reputations to it.

Professor McCarthy was taken to the hospital. He’s not insane. He was only being consistent.

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