18 Nov 2014

What Happens When Money is On the Line

There’s a big segment of Americans who have a problem with people making a lot of money. They forget that other people making money does not affect them making money. Just because Bill Gates is a multi-billionaire does not take money out of my pocket or reach into my bank

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10 Nov 2014

Why a College Degree Isn’t Necessary to Make a Good Living and be Happy

A four-year college education will cost around $100,000, more if you go to a prestigious college like Harvard, Yale, or Princeton. Is it worth it? Some occupations demand a college education and more. If you want to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, you will have to go to college.

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25 Jun 2014

Today’s Illegal Immigrants are not Computer Programmers

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is pushing for amnesty and immigration reform. He is putting his vast fortune behind the effort. Zuckerberg, along with Bill Gates and other high profile technologists, has stated FWD.us. They want to move the knowledge economy forward. So do I, but not at the expense of

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04 Apr 2014

Georgia Republican Candidate Ridicules Opponent for Not Having College Degree

Georgia has some big races coming up this year. There’s a governor’s race and a hotly contested Senate race to fill the seat left vacant with the retirement of Establishment Republican Saxby Chambliss. The issue of education, or should I say the lack thereof, came up in the Georgia US

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14 Mar 2014

Harry Reid Keeps his Billionaire Donors a Secret by Attacking Koch Brothers

For the past several weeks Senate majority leader “Dirty” Harry Reid has been trying to tell the “truth” about the Unaffordable Care Act, or Obamacare. I say trying because Reid wouldn’t know the truth if he passed it on the street. Of course we’ve now heard his truth telling on

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20 Feb 2012

Is a Robin Hood Tax Coming to a Bank Near You?

Last week, the French Parliament voted for Nicolas Sarkozy’s “Robin Hood tax.” The tax will be “on high-finance transactions and currency trades by banks and institutions.” Sarkozy hopes it will lead to France becoming the first European Union country to adopt such a levy. He expects other European nations to

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25 Oct 2011

Robin Hood Took From Government Not Capitalists

The Occupiers are calling for a Robin Hood Tax “on high-finance transactions and currency trades by banks and institutions.” Those proposing the tax — Bill Gates is one of them — want the collected fees to help the poor. Even the Vatican has gotten behind the new scheme. The church

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