24 Mar 2015

Six Examples Why the ‘Right to Bear Arms’ is Absolutely Necessary

I had just attached my Amazon Fire TV Stick to my TV and wanted to test it for ease of use. (It’s easy to use.) While searching for something to watch, I came across the film Mr. Pip (2012) that stars Hugh Laurie best known for his role in “House

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17 Feb 2015

Will John Hagee’s Views on Israel Lead America to War?

“I am a student of world history,” John “Blood Moons” Hagee says, “and you can wrap up world history in 25 words or less and here it is: the nations that blessed Israel prospered and the nations that cursed Israel were destroyed by the hand of God. . . .

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01 Nov 2014

3 Days to Election: Get Your Free Voter Guides

We have 3 days until the mid-term elections. We have created a special set of Voter Guides that need to be distributed to churches and synagogues across the country leading up to next Tuesday. Our goal is to get 10-20 million of these guides distributed. CLICK HERE for Voter Guides!

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07 Dec 2013

Atheist David Silverman Attacks Jewish Jesus Over ‘Christmas’

David Silverman, president of American Atheists Inc., is Jewish and an atheist. He is getting into the spirit of Christmas by telling people they don’t need Christmas with a “Who Needs Christ During Christmas?” campaign. Silverman goes further than declaring that no one needs Christ (which is not a name)

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