Six Examples Why the ‘Right to Bear Arms’ is Absolutely Necessary

I had just attached my Amazon Fire TV Stick to my TV and wanted to test it for ease of use. (It’s easy to use.) While searching for something to watch, I came across the film Mr. Pip (2012) that stars Hugh Laurie best known for his role in “House M.D.” Mr. Pip is not an easy film to watch; it’s not for the faint of heart. Here’s a summary:

“As a war rages on in the province of Bougainville — then called “North Solomons” — in Papua New Guinea, Mr. Watts (Hugh Laurie), the only white man left on the island after a blockade, re-opens the local school. He begins reading the Charles Dickens novel ‘Great Expectations,’ which transfixes a young girl named Matilda (Xzannjah). She finds comfort in the story of a Victorian orphan, Pip (Eka Darville), when her own world is falling apart. The Redskins, an army sent to destroy the local rebels, are getting closer. Matilda writes ‘Pip’ in the sand. This simple act leads to terrible consequences when the Redskins suspect Pip to be a rebel leader and demand he be brought before them.”

There are almost no men on the island. Most of the young men had been forcefully conscripted by rebels. The islanders were defenseless against the cruel Redskins and the rebels. Their enemies had guns. The most the islanders had were machetes. The women with their machetes were no match for the men with guns.

Sometime last year I started to watch the film Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks. About a third of the way through, I quit watching. With the daily threat of piracy off the coast of Somalia, there was not a single gun on the massive cargo ship. All the crew had to fight with were water hoses. Some AR-15s would have stopped any threat of piracy. A single handgun would have stopped the pirates from ever boarding the ship.

Here’s the rationale for not allowing guns or a security detail on these ships. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) “warns companies not to allow crews to bring firearms aboard or hire armed security, cautioning that doing so could escalate the situation by encouraging pirates to use more dangerous weapons and become more aggressive.”

It’s no wonder “the crew is suing the shipping company (the Waterman Steamship Corp) for $50 million for gross negligence, alleging ‘willful, wanton and conscious disregard for their safety.’”

Stupid is as stupid does.

Then there’s the story of a synagogue that was attacked by a group of anti-Semites in London:

“At least six have been arrested after a group of some 20 men tried to storm a London synagogue late Saturday night, only to be repelled by worshipers using chairs, a mop and makeshift wooden clubs fashioned out of furniture pieces.


“The Jerusalem Post quoted a member of the synagogue who said he heard the men shouting ‘we will kill you’ as they assaulted worshipers and ripped prayer books.”

What if the anti-Semites had been Muslim extremists who were hell-bent on killing the Jews and not just talking about doing it? Chairs, mops, and chair legs would have been useless.

You’ve heard this question asked when a crime is being committed, “Where’s a policeman when you need one?” Generally speaking, police respond to crimes after they’ve been committed . . . when it’s too late.

Now we learn that the “Islamic State has posted online what it says are the names, U.S. addresses and photos of 100 American military service members, and called upon its ‘brothers residing in America’ to kill them.” With our porous borders, who knows how many Islamic extremists have entered the United States.

It’s good to be reminded that the reason the already employed Islamic extremist Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, was able to murder 13 people and injured more than 30 others was because the military personnel were unarmed. Do you think Hasan would have attempted the assault if the soldiers had been armed?

The Second Amendment codifies what is ours by natural right – the right to defend ourselves against potential threats. Does anybody believe that these 100-named military personnel are going to be protected by the police 24/7? I don’t.

Is it any wonder that those who brought down the airplanes on 9/11 did so because they knew no one was armed? School shootings are gun-zones except for people who don’t care for laws. The students are sitting ducks.

If ISIS recruits make it through our sieve of a border, you better be armed and know how to defend yourself because the government will only come to your aid after you’re dead to fill out a police report.

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