Chamber of Commerce Goes ‘Gay’ and Throws One Its Members Under the Bus

For years conservatives have been duped into believing the Chamber of Commerce was a conservative organization. This is not true. Consider the following:

“The Chamber of Commerce has long been thought to be an ally of the GOP, by and large. They have made it clear during the course of the current fight for the soul of the GOP, however, that they are mostly an ally of crony capitalism and corporate welfare and those who enable it, and committed opponents of grassroots conservatives. The Chamber of Commerce pumped massive amounts of money into Mississippi on behalf of the execrable and race baiting pudding enthusiast Thad Cochran, helped Mitch McConnell defeat Matt Bevin, have publicly undermined Ted Cruz at every turn, and are [backed] Pat Roberts over Milton Wolf in Kansas [in the 2014 Senate race]. The Chamber has clearly indicated that politically, they are most interested in backing candidates who will keep the government spigots for corporate welfare turned ON.”

It’s like almost everything in politics – “Follow the Money.”

It shouldn’t surprise us that the Chamber of Commerce “has funneled millions of dollars into pro-Common Core organizing and propaganda” as well as amnesty.

It’s no different when it comes to an issue like same-sex sexuality rights, euphemistically called ‘gay rights.’

The Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce in Bexley, Ohio, has aligned itself with the homosexual rights movement against one of its members — Courtney Schmackers of Next Door Stories. The following is from a statement posted on the homepage of the organization:

“This incident came to our attention last month via an electronic communication delivered to the Chamber on February 5. The message claimed that one of our members, a Bexley-based videography company, denied services to a same-sex couple seeking videography services for their wedding. The writer asked whether there are ‘standards’ for Bexley Chamber of Commerce members and if this was ‘ok’ with the Chamber. Understandably, the board was terribly upset. In our 29 years in business, we have never encountered a single complaint of discrimination involving a Chamber member.”

I also would like to know if the Bexley Chamber of Commerce has any moral standards. Apparently it doesn’t. Here’s the kicker: Ohio does not permit same-sex marriages, Courtney Schmackers at Next Door Stories was perfectly within her legal rights not to offer her services for something that is illegal and immoral.

Instead of siding with its member, the Bexley Chamber of Commerce aligned itself with the same-sexuality movement and against the laws of the state of Ohio. How long will it take before the Chamber joins with polygamists, neo-Nazis, and KKK groups that want their weddings and special events video recorded?

Let’s say a couple came into Next Door Stories and asked if Courtney Schmackers would serve as videographer for their wedding. Checking her schedule, she says the date the couple chose for the wedding was open. After getting some details about the wedding, Schmackers finds out that the bride and groom are going to be dressed in Nazi uniforms. In fact, it’s going to be a Neo-Nazi-themed wedding. They even have the cake picked out. It has a big, bold Swastika emblazoned on top.

Nazi cake

Would Schmackers be wrong to refuse to make her services available for Neo-Nazi or KKK wedding?

Would the Bexley Chamber of Commerce support the Neo-Nazi couple over Courtney Schmackers at Next Door Stories?

And what if the Neo-Nazi couple got the same type of negative response from a Jewish-owned bakery that refused to bake a Nazi-themed cake? Would the Chamber write a similar condemnatory letter decrying the “discrimination”?

Why not ask the Bexley Chamber of Commerce if they would throw their support behind such ideological weddings. You can find contact information for Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce here.

Don’t be nasty. Just ask the questions. Let Godfather Politics know what response, if any, you get.

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