Seattle Considering Law to Steal More Money from the Rich

Taxation is theft if the money confiscated is used in a redistributive way. It is immoral to vote for politicians who promise to tax some people so the money can go to other people.

Why is it OK for elected officials to take money from some people so it can be given to other people? Where is the morality in this type of thinking? But this is exactly what a bunch of people in Seattle, WA, want the City Council to do.

“An overwhelming number of people spoke in support of a citywide income tax in Seattle on Wednesday at City Hall.

“People in support of taxing the richest residents cited everything from ‘simple justice,’ to the untapped pool of money that could be used to deal with pressing problems like homelessness and drug abuse.”

If people want to donate their money to help the homeless and drug abusers, they are free to do so. If these “simple justice” advocates want to appeal to the folks at Starbucks and Microsoft, companies that are worth billions of dollars, to donate money to help, they are free to do so.

These people holding signs should either hire the homeless or open their homes to them. Instead, they want to steal money from “the rich” and distance themselves from the nitty-gritty work of caring for the people they claim to care for.

Their signs would be more honest if they read, “Steal from the Rich. We Can’t Do It, But You Can.”

It’s not the fault of the rich that people are homeless or addicted to drugs. Instead of taxing people, Seattle should lower taxes which will spur economic growth so the homeless can work and earn a paycheck and afford to live in some type of domicile. With more money in people’s pockets, they will be able to donate to causes like homelessness and the drug addicts.

Governments only perpetuate the addictions they claim to cure. The war on poverty has been a war on the poor. Subsidizing out-of-wedlock births has only increased their number. People who make poor choices in life need to realize the consequences of their actions. Governments are not in a position to do this.

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