The Real Reason The Left is Freaking Out Over US Pullout of Paris Accord

The freakout from the Left over Trump’s pullout from the Paris Accord (non-treaty) was predictable. The issue was never about science and saving the earth. It has always been about wealth redistribution. There’s only so much a government can do to raise revenue through taxation. There’s an upper limit, and then people begin to scream when they get their paycheck. But there are other ways to confiscate and redistribute wealth (with the people at the top getting their share): create an apocalyptic crisis that can’t be evaluated by the masses in terms of hard science and comparative numbers.

Shifting from “global warming” to climate change was a genius move. The climate is always changing.

Then claim that there is nearly unanimous scientific support (the magic 97 percent number) that man-made climate change is really real. But you had to be a scientist in the accepted guild to make the claim and anyone who disagreed was a “climate change denier.” You know, like a “holocaust denier.”

There is no appreciable change in the climate. There have always been snow storms, hurricanes, odd weather patterns, and fluctuations in temperature.

The big fear of the fear-mongering climate change advocates is that nothing about the climate will change. They had hoped that locking in the USA would give them time to begin a stealth wealth confiscation and redistribution mechanism before enough people began to realize it’s all been a globalist scam to deprive people of their rights and cripple the economy of the USA.

In the article below, Wesley Bruce offers further commentary on what the Paris Accord pullout by Pres. Trump means.


By Wesley Bruce

Trump has pulled out of the Paris Accord. Yes, he has talked about renegotiation of the accord but those pushing the anthropocentric climate change position are losing ground. Trump dealt with the economic and financial issue. He did not argue atmospheric chemistry or physics. He did not talk about the science. That’s not his job and not his area of expertise. Other climate skeptics have done that for years now and essentially won that debate on the evidence but the world won’t listen. Trump targeted the Paris Accord for what it is — a socialist wealth redistribution system disguised badly as an environmental issue. He went for the lefts jugular and left others to argue about CO2.

Trump’s stepping out of the accord with an offer of renegotiation is a bluff. The anthropocentric climate change activists are coming to the table with empty pockets. They can only lose their shirt. The lead authors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are no longer getting through peer-review. Their papers were only getting though because members of the research team were dropping out and then doing the peer review. Journals were being badgered into ignoring and not even reviewing skeptical papers. All that broke down with the release of the Climate-gate emails by a whistleblower in the University of East Angelia. There was no hacker; the hard drive was on storeroom shelf.

Yes, there will be protests both on the street and in diplomatic circles, but right now outside the White House the TV reporters and ordinary tourists outnumber the protesters, and the protest organizers look old and beaten or young and naive. Europe and a dozen other countries will also drop out, particularly Australia and Britain. The Paris Accord bills them too, and like America, they are also broke with huge national debts. Russia and a dozen other countries that never benefit but were never billed will also quietly drop out.

Many in the IPCC, the University of East Anglia, and the EPA are at or approaching retirement age. They have trained up a generation of brainwashed school kids, but they will quickly find other causes. They will forever believe the world is doomed but nothing will happen. Like the kids of the 1960s with the nuclear apocalypse looming, they will party, have families, and wonder why the sea level has not changed noticeably.

This will have the opposite impact on solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies to the one that industry and the left predict. Subsidies will diminish. That is where some of the money is going. Industry subsidies go to existing players with older technologies, and this blocks the newer players with newer technologies because they must first prove themselves to some government agency. Often the staff of the government agency were trained with or by the existing industry players and are loyal to them and suspicious of anything new.

By definition, anyone working in these government agencies was trained in yesterday’s technology. With the subsidies gone or diminished the old technologies will be replaced with new more viable technologies. Companies will go bankrupt, but that’s capitalism. Capitalism guarantees you nothing. You must do the work or fail. It is not foolproof; it’s just failure tolerant.

Solar panels are now as cheap as wallpaper, but it still can’t compete with coal and gas to light the night. Batteries are lagging and the IPCC was renowned for ignoring, and in some cases, opposing grid storage solutions and metal-air batteries. That will end. The solar industry now knows it will need to stand up and deliver on its promises of clean day-and-night power or admit that their technology can’t do it.I’m trained in solar I believe it can deliver eventually. In some parts of the third

I’m trained in solar and I believe it can deliver eventually. In some parts of the third-world, it does compete. Those who can’t compete will cry foul and go bankrupt. Those that can deliver will thrive and eventually, perhaps in a decade’s time, coal will face yet another challenge from unsubsidized solar and other renewables.

This will kill the last dreams of carbon taxes. The global left-wing agenda needs money, and it has exhausted all options. Taxing the rich fails; they either move out of the left’s reach or retire. Taxing the middle and lower classes gets the left thrown out of office. Carbon taxes were a way to tax all industries stealthily to fund the agenda. This is why technological solutions like grid power storage, thorium reactors, and methanol (as Dimethyl ether) have been ignored. They reduce or eliminate the problem without generating any income for the great left-wing causes. No one can identify another revenue stream to follow carbon taxes and the massive financial transfers in the Paris Accord. The global left faces bankruptcy.

We will see academics crying fowl and repeating long falsified claims, but they have nowhere to go and nothing new to say. We may see one or two brainwashed kids turning to Eco-terrorism. Attacking grid assets and power stations. We have already seen that in some places. Most cases go unnoticed and barely reported. There is no one in the anthropocentric climate change networks that can admit defeat or surrender. Founding members of the IPCC have switched sides and become skeptics with no noticeable effect. The ACC belief is now a religion, a cult. It can’t be removed; it can only die out over the next decade.

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