Jeopardy Winner ‘Not So Genius’ Ken Jennings Slams Barron Trump and This Bad Thing Happens

Kathy Griffin beheads Donald Trump and gets canned. It was a bad career move. She’s an unlikable comedian. The first time I saw her comedy act was on an episode of Seinfeld where she built her routine around the claim that Jerry was the devil. It wasn’t that funny.

Who’s the devil now? It cost her the New Year’s Eve gig with Anderson Cooper. She also lost the Squatty Potty ad campaign job.

You get enough people outraged, and even liberals squeal.

In addition to Kathy Griffin making a bad career move, along comes Ken Jennings of Jeopardy! fame. He’s obviously a smart guy. He won a record $2.5 million on Jeopardy! and has gone on to write a lot of books for kids — the Junior Genius Guides.

But then he decided to pull a Griffin. He stepped in it big time with this tweet in response to Melania Trump’s comments about how their 11-year-oldson Barron Trump was affected after seeing Kathy Griffin holding a bloody mask of his father’s head. Not a genius move:

This is not how a children’s author should be reacting to how an 11-year-old feels about a grotesque image of his beheaded father. I wonder how his own children would have reacted if they had been confronted with a similar bloody image.

Jenning’s “genius” move got noticed on Amazon by reviewers:

This was one of my favorites: “What is boycott for $1000?”

Buy accordingly.

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