Obama’s $1 Billion Library and ‘Income Inequality’

Hillary Clinton and President Obama talk a lot about income inequality. It’s the mainstay of the Democrat Party. Actually, they love income inequality as long as their income is unequal to everyone else’s income.

The Clintons are multi-millionaires and the Obamas are most likely in that class and soon to be multi-multi-millionaires. Let’s not forget the vacations that the Obamas take that only multi-millionaires could afford.

Now we’re learning that President Obama is going to need to raise $1 billion dollars for his presidential library.

“President Barack Obama’s post-presidency plans come with a hefty price tag that could exceed $1 billion, The New York Times is reporting.

“Advisers mapping out life after the White House for the president and first lady Michelle Obama are preparing fundraising strategies to raise at least $800 million for the Obama Library and foundation.

“That number, according to The Times, is the minimum for an Obama endowment. Obama’s lofty plans for a high-tech, digital-first library and worldwide foundation could exceed $1 billion, twice the amount raised by President George W. Bush.”

It seems to me that a billion dollars could be better spent to even out income inequality. A billion is a thousand million. A thousand businesses could be set up in low income neighborhoods that would create jobs.

Wouldn’t that be a better post-presidency legacy for President Obama rather than a library? In the digital age, why not put up all the President’s papers on a website? The same could be done with photographic images of all the “stuff” he’s accumulated.

Such a virtual presidential library would make research available to everyone, even those who are used as bait for the income inequality narrative.

I found this is interesting:

Among the largest donors were Chicago publisher Fred Eychaner, who gave $1 million, followed by Chicago hedge fund operator Michael Sacks and his wife, Cari, who gave $666,666.”

Kind of an odd number, don’t you think?

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