Pushback is the New Politics: PP, Women Fighting ISIS, and the Redskins

Why is Donald Trump high in the polls? He’s not afraid to push back against the establishment. Why doesn’t the GOP establishment? Because he keeps pushing back, doesn’t apologize, and is not giving in.

I’ve spoken to a lot of people about Trump, and nearly everyone says it’s not that his policies are that great (some of them aren’t); it’s his willingness to take on the wishy-washy GOPers who seem only to want their bellies rubbed by the Democrats, media, Republican “consultants” (who only care about a paycheck), and their crony “capitalist” donors.

Pushback is contagious. Here are some examples.

Dr. Gary North writes:

“Killing children is federal policy. Killing Planned Parenthood is therefore a threat to the Feds. We read: ‘The U.S. government has warned states moving to defund women’s health group Planned Parenthood that they may be in conflict with federal law, officials said on Wednesday. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, a federal agency, was in contact with officials in Louisiana and Alabama this month, said a spokesperson for the agency’s parent, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).’”

Add Utah to the list of states opposing the Federal government and its agencies on funding for Planned Parenthood. States have been emboldened to defy the national government. As the list grows, other states will join in. There’s safety in numbers.

“‘What is the key word here? This: ‘may.’ Whenever you read ‘may,’ immediately substitute, ‘or may not.’ When an unnamed government ‘spokesperson’ says anything, we can safely ignore it. What is needed is for states to ignore federal regulations. Counties should do the same.

“Formal secession is not necessary. All it takes is for states and local governments to ignore federal regulations. Let the Feds sue. This will jam federal courts. That day is coming. Be patient.”

Like with Trump and the GOP establishment, follow the money. Money is the lifeblood of liberal politics in both parties, and threatening to take some of it away is a powerful inducement for the states to show obeisance to Washington. There’s a price to pay when going up against Leviathan. Will the states hold fast when threatened with political payback by withholding federal funds (that were taken from the states in the first place)?

You’re going to love this story. “The women of an all-female Yazidi battalion is risking death — or worse — to fight back against the ISIS thugs who abducted, raped or murdered thousands of their people. . . . ‘They rape us. We kill them.’”

  • ‘Sun Girls’ brigade was formed by the renowned Yazidi singer Xate Shingali
  • She has 123 recruits aged between 17 and 30 who all want revenge on ISIS
  • They risk being murdered or held as sex slaves if they are caught by the enemy

The ‘Sun Girls,’ an all-female battalion of Yazidi women fighting back against ISIS

  • Even the youngest recruit, 17, is not worried about being captured in battle
  • [T]here is a rumor in the Yazidi community that ISIS fighters are scared of being killed by a woman because they worry they will not be rewarded with “72 virgins in heaven.” “ISIS will never go to heaven,” Xate laughed when asked about the rumor, “We will kill them.”

While not as important as rejecting the funding of an organization that that engages in killing unborn babies and selling their body parts and fighting terrorists and rapists, the action by the owner of the Washington Redskins is a breath of fresh air:

“Team president Bruce Allen asserted that the Washington Redskins refuse to change their name even if it means sacrificing a new home stadium. . . . When reporters asked Allen if he would consider changing the name of the team as a condition to securing a new home for the Redskins, he replied, ‘No.’”

I might just become a Redskins fan.

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