John Boehner Fights for Mount McKinley but Nothing Else

John Boehner is really angry with President Obama because of his latest assault on America. Obama has decided to change the name of Mount McKinley to Denali, the traditional name for the “Great One.”

“For many in the state of Alaska, Sunday was a day for rejoicing. But for Ohioans such as Speaker John A. Boehner, that was not the case.

“The White House revealed Sunday President Barack Obama would be announcing the renaming of the mountain long known as Mount McKinley in honor of President William McKinley, who was assassinated in 1901. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell formally signed an order regarding the designation on Friday.”

Does Obama have a political agenda for the name change? Probably, since everything he does is political, but there is a more important point to be made.

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Boehner was joined in his denouncement by pro-homosexual marriage supporter Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio. Here’s what Gibbs said about the name change:

“This political stunt is insulting to all Ohioans, and I will be working with the House Committee on Natural Resources to determine what can be done to prevent this action.”

Denali, officially called Mount McKinley from 1917 until it was formally renamed in 2015, is the highest mountain peak in North America, with a summit elevation of 20,237 feet above sea level.

Isn’t this just grand. These weak-kneed, spineless Republicans will fight tooth and nail for a name of a mountain named after a president who never visited Alaska but have done nothing to fight illegal immigration, the funding of Planned Parenthood, the IRS scandal, Obamacare, same-sex marriage, and a dozen other important issues.

Here’s what Boehner had to say on the issue:

“There is a reason President McKinley’s name has served atop the highest peak in North America for more than 100 years, and that is because it is a testament to his great legacy. McKinley served our country with distinction during the Civil War as a member of the Army. He made a difference for his constituents and his state as a member of the House of Representatives and as Governor of the great state of Ohio. And he led this nation to prosperity and victory in the Spanish-American War as the 25th President of the United States. I’m deeply disappointed in this decision.”

The majority of the people in Alaska prefer Denali. It should be their decision. Can’t Boehner and Co. find something in Ohio to name after President McKinley?

How about putting the same amount of opposition to issues that count.

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