Is Working With a Foreign Nation to Win an Election Unconstitutional or a Crime?

The entire Mueller appointment as a Special Prosecutor was to be an investigation into whether Russia interfered in the 2016 election. After more than a year of investigatory work, not a single piece of evidence has been put forth showing that Russia did anything with Donald Trump to manipulate the results of the election.

Twelve Russians were indicted in absentia. They will never stand trial in the United States. In his statement regarding the indictments, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said the following:

There is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. There is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.

Here’s what Rush Limbaugh said about Rod Rosenstein’s statement:

[T]hese indictments were pure PR because the people indicted are never gonna be served, they’re never gonna be extradited, they’re never gonna be in court. These charges are never gonna be tested. These were PR indictments so that Mueller could show that Russians were involved and that we’ve caught ’em.

The indictments of Manafort and Cohen have nothing to do with Russian interference with the 2016 election. Let that sink in. Manafort’s crimes go back decades before he briefly work with Trump. Cohen’s alleged crimes are equally outside the bounds of the Mueller investigation.

Now we’re hearing that Donald Trump, Jr. may be indicted, not on anything related to the Russian collusion investigation, but because he lied to the FBI. Here’s what Roger Stone said:

“The special counsel is going to charge Donald Trump Jr. with lying to the FBI. Notice they’re not charging him for having an illegal meeting with a Russian at Trump Tower because there’s nothing illegal about that meeting,” Stone told James Miller of The Political Insider. “[P]ut more precisely, the only thing illegal about that meeting was how the woman got in the country, how she got a visa from the Obama State Department, and why she was meeting with an official from Fusion GPS before and after the Trump Tower meeting.”

Stone further noted special counsel investigators “aren’t going after [Trump Jr.] for the underlining crime because there is no crime. “He’s done nothing wrong,” the Trump ally added. (Breitbart)

Back to the title of the article: Is Working With a Foreign Nation to Win an Election Unconstitutional or a Crime? There is nothing in the Constitution about it. And as far as I know, there is nothing in any legal statute that says that a presidential candidate can’t work with a country like Russia, Israel, Great Britain, or any other nation, to help him or her win an election.

If a presidential candidate worked with a foreign nation to rig voting machines, that would be a crime. There is no evidence that the Russians with or without Trump did any vote fixing. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said so: “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. There is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.”

Here’s the irony. Democrats want non-citizens to vote in our nation’s elections! How is this not unconstitutional, illegal, insane, and downright stupid?

Let’s not forget that the Obama Administration, through “the State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last year’s Israeli parliamentary elections, a congressional investigation concluded Tuesday [July 12, 2016].

“Some $350,000 was sent to OneVoice, ostensibly to support the group’s efforts to back Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement negotiations. But OneVoice used the money to build a voter database, train activists and hire a political consulting firm with ties to President Obama’s campaign — all of which set the stage for an anti-Netanyahu campaign, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations said in a bipartisan staff report.”

The Democrats said that all of this was legal. “Sen. Claire McCaskill, the ranking Democrat on the subcommittee, said the Obama administration followed the law.” It’s legal for tax-payer money to be used to help elect a candidate that President Obama did not like in a foreign nation but it’s supposedly not legal for a foreign nation to help keep someone like Hillary Clinton to be president in the United States.

In 2011, “President Obama made a decision that helped topple Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. His policy represented a bet that the democratic surge of the Arab Spring could lead to a stable political transition in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East.” (Real Clear Politics)

Let’s not forget the intervention of the United States in Lybia.

A failed state, a terrorist haven, four dead Americans – this is the Hillary Clinton record in Libya we know about.

But new evidence — and a review of the public record — reveals that Hillary Clinton’s actions in Libya were not just disastrous policy, but a violation of U.S. anti-terrorism law.

A recent report to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British House of Commons concluded that Western intervention in Libya was based on “inaccurate intelligence” and “erroneous assumptions.” Advocates failed to recognize that “the threat to civilians was overstated and that the rebels included a significant Islamist element,” and the failure to plan for a post-Qaddafi Libya led to the “growth of ISIL” in North Africa.

However, “inaccurate intelligence” doesn’t fully describe the whole story. A closer examination of the run-up to the Libya debacle on September 11, 2012 leads to the irrefutable conclusion that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knowingly armed radical Islamist terrorists in Libya. (Fox News)

Let’s not forget the war in Iraq. There was no basis for the United States to interfere in the politics of Iraq. Iraq today is worse than it was before our intervention.

By the time ISIS completed its invasion of Iraq in 2014, [Nadia] Murad’s village was wiped out, six brothers killed, and every woman taken captive. Murad herself would be traded to multiple ISIS leaders and at one point locked in a room with six militants who “continued to commit crimes to my body until I became unconscious.”1

This says nothing of the trillions of dollars spent, the death of tens of thousands (Americans and Iraqis), and the takeover of the nation by Islamic extremists and other militants.

  1. Mindy Belz, “Minding the Victims,” World (August 18, 2018), 30. []
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