How To Use the New Green Deal to Political Advantage

One way to win an argument is to force those who hold the opposing position to live consistently with that position. Politicians are notorious for making laws for you and me but exempting themselves.

This happened with Social Security. Until 1983, Congress was exempt from Social Security. While Congress mandated that the nation had to comply with Obamacare, they had their own private insurance coverage.

The New Green Deal would be a devastating economic disaster. Millions of people would be unemployed. Entire industries would be affected. The government would grow in power and influence over our lives.

Changes in technology in the United States came slowly through market forces. The horse and buggy were replaced by the automobile. Cities were cesspools of manure, flies, and disease before Henry Ford mass produced the automobile. The discovery and distillation of oil for kerosene helped to save whales from extinction.


The automobile has made all of our lives easier. In addition, there have been residual economic benefits that are incalculable, everything from part manufactures and car dealerships to gas stations and motels and restaurants.

Electric cars are a niche market, but forcing technology on hundreds of millions of people through the State is not the way to make it happen. Electric cars work best in cities where travel distances are short and charging stations could be set up where people work. Keep in mind, however, electricity is not free. Power plants are needed, and they require fuel to operate such as coal, oil, natural gas, hydro, and electric.

It’s long past time to force the hand of the Democrats. If they are truly concerned about ‘Climate Change,’ then why not start with mandating no air conditioning in all government building. The mandate would expose these people as the nutjobs they are and turn a good percentage of Democrats away from the party.

If they aren’t willing to take this step, then it will show that their “Green New Deal” is a farce. No fans either since they require electricity powered most likely by coal-fired electric plants.

The no airconditioning mandate in all government buildings would (1) save money, (2) save energy, (3) demonstrate that they’re serious, and (4) lead to a mass exodus from the Democrat Party. The GOP needs to get on board with this. Force the antithesis.

Let’s add no flights back to their districts. They must take a train. Can you imagine how many train routes would be needed to get people where planes now fly? How would the Representatives and Senators from Hawaii get to Washington?

Then there would be the environmental crazies that would block every effort to lay track and excavate tunnels and build bridges.

Then there’s this:

Progressive superstar Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has an extensive shopping list for the American taxpayer:

Add it all together and it’s around $4 trillion in new spending per year. That’s nearly equal to the entire federal budget, which is already running a deficit approaching $1 trillion. Double our spending and you could easily wind up with $5 trillion in deficits. How to pay for all that debt?

You don’t. You just print more money and let the debt ride.

We can make more wine by adding more water and more silver by adding a base metal (Isa. 1:22). Name any product, and you can increase the size or volume by adding a less expensive filler and advertise it as the authentic unadulterated product (Lev. 19:35-36). If anyone but the government did this, they would be in jail and forced to pay restitution.

It’s theft.

But it’s perfectly legal for the government to devalue our money by diluting it through inflation.

The people affected first and worst by inflation are widows and orphans, the people these nutjobs say they want to help: “Your rulers are rebels and companions of thieves; everyone loves a bribe and chases after rewards. They do not defend the orphan, nor does the widow’s plea come before them” (Isa. 1:23).

In any other area of economics, what she and others are advocated would be theft. People would go to jail for doing what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ignorant and immoral associates are proposing.

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