Gloria Steinem: Killing My Unborn Child Allowed Me ‘To Live My Life’

Abortion advocate Gloria Steinem said in an interview that “the abortion she underwent after college allowed her to live her life freely. ‘It gave me my life,’ she told PBS host Tavis Smiley. ‘I mean, I wouldn’t have been able to live my life otherwise.’”

What is an abortion? The word means different things to different people. But when you exchange the words “abortion” or “choice” for “unborn child,” the act of abortion takes on a whole new meaning.

Steinem killed her unborn child so she could live her life. That’s what happens with abortion. An unborn child is killed.

She didn’t kill her unborn child because she had been raped or her physical health was in jeopardy. She killed her guiltless unborn child because he or she was an inconvenience.

Killing her unborn child took the life of an innocent person so Steinem could live the way she wanted to live.

Mothers have killed their born children for the same reason. Husbands have killed wives, and wives husbands because they wanted to live their lives freely.

People rob banks so they can live their life unencumbered by the lack of funds.

In the same interview with Tavis Smiley, Steinem commented on the Planned Parenthood controversy:

“'[The attack] is part of an ultra right-wing attempt to restore the basis of patriarchy or a male-dominant system and the necessity of a long-term racist system which is controlling reproduction,” Ms. Steinem said. “And to control reproduction, you have to control the bodies of women.”

First, an unborn baby is not a part of a woman’s body. An unborn baby is his own person with his own body, heart, brain, stomach, kidneys, arms, legs, and everything else.

Second, Planned Parenthood was established as a racist organization. Black genocide is real in America.

Third, Steinem criticizes attempts to stop tax-payer funding for Planned Parenthood. So why is it that she can protest about people wanting to control her body, but she has no problem using the government to take control of my property to fund Murder, Inc., Planned Parenthood?

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