Frightening Video Explains How Germany Will Become Islamic

Europe is having what demographics’ expert Ben Wattenberg calls a “birth dearth” where the average birth rate among European women is 1.4, while the minimum replacement rate is 2.1.

Similar demographic statistics can found in Japan. Europe has another related problem — a competing worldview that it has no inherent willingness to fight — Islam. The Muslim population in France could grow from being 5 percent of France’s 60 million population today to a majority in 25 years. Fouad Ajami, director of the Middle East Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University, told the [Harvard Political Review] that much of the Muslim population of France, for example, is “shut up in these ghettos, secluded and kept apart from French society. They have a subculture of their own, a slang of their own, a language of their own. And the French have no answer to them.”

For many nationals whose self-conceptions rest on shared cultural values and assumptions, the existence of this distinct, alien, highly-religious community is perceived as a serious threat to national unity.

Christianity has been the only religion able to compete with Islam, but Europe today is experiencing the spread of “Christophobia” that “is tied to a Europe-wide spiritual malaise that is pushing the Continent toward broad cultural and economic decline.”

You can’t beat something with nothing.

Spain has already capitulated to Islamic terrorists. Individualism cannot beat a corporate worldview. Christianity is corporate: one body but with many members. “I believe in the holy catholic (universal) church.” When this corporate identity is denied, you become ripe for the picking.

Germany has become self-destructive

Watch this video of a German Muslim lecturing a German man about how Islam will conquer Germany, that “his daughter will wear a headscarf and marry a Muslim and that Germans stand no chance with their low birth rate,” adding that Muslims will “conquer Europe not with weapons, but with birth rates.” (H/T: Zero Hedge)

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