Did Oregon’s Anti-Christian Laws Contribute to Anti-Christian Shootings?

Let’s think like a liberal for a moment. We won’t do it too long since some of you are susceptible to headaches and fits of anger and rage at the mere thought of thinking like a liberal.

Sometime’s it’s necessary. It called “forcing the antithesis,” adopting the operating assumptions of a worldview and working them out consistently.

You may recall how talk radio was blamed for the Oklahoma City bombing and rhetoric on the Right was blamed for the shooting U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen others in the Tucson metropolitan area.

So what might have led anti-religion shooter Chris Harper-Mercer at Umpqua Community College to single out Christians and shoot them in the head?

The following is from The Daily Mail:

“He demanded that his victims lay on the ground and then made them stand up one at a time and state their religion before opening fire according to one traumatized eyewitness.

“Kortney Moore said she was in her writing class when a bullet went through the window hitting her teacher in the head. Soon after, the shooter was inside the room demanding to know the religion of her fellow students.


“Anastasia Boylan, 18, was one of Harper-Mercer’s victims who only survived by playing dead.

Her father Stacy spoke to CNN and described his daughter’s horrifying ordeal, saying that Harper-Mercer at one point asked who was Christian, and told them all to stand up.

“‘And they would stand up and he said, “Good, because you’re a Christian, you’re going to see God in just about one second,”‘ said Stacy.

“‘And then he shot and killed them.'”

Why would the shooter single out Christians? Could it be because Oregon has attacked Christians for standing up for their rights? Oregon has been relentless in persecuting and prosecuting Melissa and Aaron Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. All the couple did was refuse to make a cake for a homosexual wedding. They were fined $135,00.

Think of that — $135,000 for not baking a cake.

Melissa and Aaron Klein have refused to pay the fine.

The day before the shooting, in response to the Kleins’ refusal to pay the fine, “state officials have gone to court to establish their right to place a property lien or attach other assets belonging to Aaron and Melissa Klein, proprietors of the Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery.”

Remember, we’re thinking like liberals.

Maybe the Community College shooter took the law into his own hands and asked students to “stand up,” like the Kleins “stood up” for their rights.

He was only following the example of the state of Oregon and its anti-Christian laws.

I’m sure liberals will latch on to the claim by the murderer that he was a “conservative, republican.” I don’t know how that’s possible since he listed “organized religion” as one of his “dislikes.” Conservative Republicans, millions of whom are Christians, don’t shoot Christians.

Maybe he was really a RINO since they don’t like conservative Christians.

Again, I’m just thinking like a liberal. Excuse me while I vomit.

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