Democrats Have Become a Party of Science Deniers

Democrats have accused conservatives as being anti-science because they don’t believe that life can arise from non-life, that there’s more to the cosmos than matter (otherwise how could there be mind, logic, love, morals?), that unborn babies are persons, that men can’t become women and women can’t become men, that homosexuality is irrational, illogical, and contrary to nature, that money can’t be created out of thin air, and men are different physically and in many other ways.

But it’s the Democrats who are the real anti-science party. Here’s the latest from newly elected Representative U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar:

Omar — a Minnesota Democrat — asked Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison to investigate USA Powerlifting for barring a male, who’s transitioning to female, from a women’s competition.

“I urge you to reconsider this discriminatory, unscientific policy and follow the example of the International Olympic Committee,” Omar wrote to USA Powerlifting last month, noting she’s asking Ellison to conduct an investigation. “The myth that trans women have a ‘direct competitive advantage’ is not supported by medical science, and it continues to stoke fear and violence against one of the most at-risk communities in the world.”

What are “trans women”? They are men pretending to be women. Anyone with any common sense knows that physically men are stronger than women. Of course, there are some women who are stronger than some men, but by and large, men are stronger than women.

This is especially true in Power and Olympic Weight lifting competition.

Power Lifting consists of three lifts: bench press, squat, and deadlift.

Olympic Lifting consists of two lifts: snatch and clean and jerk.

Participants are grouped in weight classes so that someone who weighs 165 pounds does not have to compete against someone who weighs 225 pages.

Men and women compete separately because men and women are not equal physically. This is also true in track and field and every other major sport.

Let’s put Rep. Ilhan Omar’s claim that women who pretend to be women don’t “have a ‘direct competitive advantage'” over biological women.

Let’s consider track and field and the shot put since the event requires a great deal of strength. Weight training is mandatory.

Here are the records for the high school shot put event:

Girls: 57 ft 5.25 in (17.51 m)

Boys: 81 ft 3 in (24.77 m)

That’s nearly a difference of 24 feet. But that’s not all. The girl’s shot weighs 8.8 pounds (4 kg), while the boy’s shot weighs 12 pounds (5.44 kg).

Let’s compare the men’s and women’s shot put event (college and Olympic competition):

Women: 74 ft 2.75 in (22.63 m)

Men: 75 ft 10.25 in (23.12 m)

This looks close until you realize that the women throw an 8.8-pound shot while the men throw a 16-pound shot, nearly twice the weight.

How do Olympic records compare? The highest weight class for women is 87 kg (191+ pounds). The highest weight class for men is 109 kg (240+ pounds). The fact that there are different weight classes tells anyone that there is a difference between men and women. Let’s compare the women’s 191+ class to the men’s 187 pound (85 kg) weight class.


Snatch: 291 pounds

Clean and Jerk: 361 pounds


Snatch: 412 pounds

Clean and Jerk: 485 pounds

I don’t know what “medical science” Rep. Omar has been reading, but the tape measure and the scale are the best scientific instruments in measuring athletic achievement.

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