Can a Person Who ‘Hates Abortion’ (Killing Unborn Babies) be a Democrat?


For nearly all of those who read my articles, I suspect they would answer that way making this the shortest article I’ve ever written and published.

Apparently, however, there are numerous people who claim to hate killing unborn babies and continue to support the Democrat Party. There are many Christians who vote for Democrats even though the Party supports killing unborn babies and even just delivered babies.

I came across a person who commented on one of my Facebook posts who says she “hates abortion” (killing unborn babies) but continues to support the Democrat Party. Here’s some of what she wrote in response to Gov. Ralph Northam’s KKK/black face yearbook picture:

Wrong is wrong no matter who does it. Yes, I am a Democrat but I hate bigotry, abortion, and ignorance.

Before I go on, it’s time we change our strategy regarding the topic of “abortion” by no longer using the word. We should call it what it is — killing an unborn baby. Language is important. The same-sexers (homo-sexuals) understood this very early by describing their movement as “Gay Rights” and choosing to symbolize it with a colorful rainbow flag. Who can be against people who are “gay” and a multi-colored flag?

My first response to the woman’s comment was simple and direct:

How can you hate abortion and be a Democrat?

Others wondered the same thing: “I’m glad you asked that question. I wondered the same thing and will await an answer!! … How can someone be a Democrat and a Christian?

Here is her response:

Excuse me, I am a Christian. You insulted me. I don’t believe in abortion. I don’t contribute to ones who support that. But since Reagan who I voted for the first time because he said he would get rid of abortion all republicans vow to eliminate it but they don’t. That’s hypocritical they get you to vote for them and don’t do what they promise.

She adds that she’s a Christian. Says I and others who asked how she could hate abortion and support Democrats insulted her. We were only being logical, something the rest of her comment isn’t.

Since Republicans didn’t do what they said they were going to do about abortion, she decided to join with the Democrats. Huh? Where is the logic in that decision?

A recent vote in the Senate to stop all funding for abortion was defeated because of the Democrats.

Nearly all Democrats and two Republicans voted late Thursday afternoon against the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, which would make permanent the long-standing prohibitions on federal dollars for most abortions and place new restrictions on the procedure. Democratic Sens. Bob Casey [PA] and Joe Manchin [WV] voted for the funding ban, while Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski voted against the measure, which was defeated 48-47.


Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), who led Democrats in opposing the measure on the floor, called it “an absolute disgrace” that Republicans brought up the bill instead of voting to end the prolonged government shutdown. (Politico)

Abortion kills unborn babies every day in the United States, but a government shutdown didn’t kill anyone. Then there was this:

“That Senate Democrats would block a bill to protect a baby who survives an abortion speaks volumes,” said [Marco] Rubio. “Supporting a newborn’s right to life should not be a partisan issue. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats, like their colleagues in Virginia and New York, seem to have no issue publicly supporting legal infanticide. It is clear that, on the issue of life, extremism has become mainstream in the Democratic Party.”

While Republicans have not always followed through with their anti-unborn-baby-killing rhetoric, the Democrats en masse have followed through in defending the legalized killing of unborn babies. There is a difference between the two parties.

In response to my questioning her logic, she wrote the following:

Because I am a child of Christ. Nuff said.

Here was my response:

Sorry, but you’re not making any sense. … All [those who reacted] to what you wrote could not understand how you could “hate abortion” and support a political party that supports abortion on demand. A “child of Christ” would not support a political party that steadfastly supports the killing of unborn babies.

Would Jesus support abortion? The Bible does not support abortion? The unborn baby John the Baptist acknowledgment the personhood of Jesus the unborn baby (Luke 1:41-42).

She changes the subject by telling us she has two biological children and two adopted children. Good for her. What’s this has to do with legalizing killing unborn babies is beyond me. Then she posted this:

Do you go to the festival of praise at St. Albert the Great? It is this Saturday at 7:00 o’clock pm. Last time I checked the Catholic Church is totally against abortion.

Yes, the Roman Catholic Church is against abortion. So why is it that she says she’s a Christian, hates abortion, is a member of the Roman Catholic Church and yet supports the pro-abortion Democrat Party?

I’m terribly confused. Then came the inevitable:

It is written, “Do not judge lest you be judged.” And you can only love God as you love the least of your fellow man. I pray for all.

Isn’t an unborn baby your “fellow man or woman”? Supporting those in a political party who legalize the killing of unborn babies is not supporting your fellow man or woman. Praying for people are more consistent with their beliefs is not going to help her hypocrisy.

Here was my final comment:

Let me quote the full passage: “Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you” (Matt. 7:1-2). Jesus is not saying not to judge; He is saying to be consistent in judging, and you are not being consistent. You say you hate abortion and yet you support the party of abortion.

If you have problems with the GOP (as I and probably most people posting here do), then you would be better off to join with other pro-life Republicans to vote in more consistent pro-lifers, or not support any political party than the party of abortion.

But by supporting the Democrats, you are not judging “with righteous judgment” (John 7:24). You are “double minded” (James 1:8).

If the people who claim to be against killing unborn children would leave the Democrat Party and join with the Republicans two things could happen: (1) we could vote out of office the RINOs, (2) pass real pro-life/anti-unborn-child killing, (3) and defund Planned Parenthood.

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