Dear Rush Limbaugh: “Why I Canceled My Sleep Number Bed”

Dear Rush Limbaugh:

I know you apologized for calling 30-year-old Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.” The language was certainly over the top. I know what you were thinking. Sometimes people need to be hit over the head with a 2×4 before something sinks in.

Before the watching world Ms. Fluke told us that she was sleeping around. Promiscuity and sex before marriage were once considered social taboos. No one denied that people engaged in these types of sexual encounters, but such women were generally looked down upon. I can remember people saying, “It’s OK to have sex with these types of girls, but they’re not the ones you bring home to your parents and eventually marry.”

Like you, I have reminded people that the larger issue is not about contraception. I just read a Christian Science Monitor article that continues to perpetuate the lie that conservatives want to deny women contraceptives. We don’t. We just don’t want to have our money taken from us to pay for them. If Ms. Fluke wants to engage in promiscuous sex, then she should pay for it. I don’t want to be an unwilling accomplice to her immorality and stupidity.

I’ve gotten to the point in my life that I would be willing to pay for contraceptive devices for women like Ms. Fluke if they promise never to have children. The thought of them breeding is disturbing.

I’ve read that a number of companies have withdrawn their advertising from the show. The online backup service Carbonite is one of them. Here’s what CEO David Friend said in a written statement:

“No one with daughters the age of Sandra Fluke, and I have two, could possibly abide the insult and abuse heaped upon this courageous and well-intentioned young lady.”

Can you believe this? He calls Ms. Fluke’s testimony about her self-professed promiscuity “courageous.” Am I to assume that Mr. Friend would not rebuke his own daughters for sleeping around and broadcasting it to the world? What a shame.

I found that two mattress companies – Sleep Train and Sleep Number – pulled their ads from the show.

My wife and I had just purchased a Sleep Number bed. When I heard about the company’s cancellation of its advertising, we cancelled our order and went with a competitor. I was very nice to the person taking my call. No yelling or expletives. He told me that they were keeping track of the responses. He then asked if I would like to leave a comment. I did.

My message was simple. Sleep Number had every right to complain and pull its advertising, and I had every right to cancel my order. That’s what makes America great. The issue, I said, was not about contraception but freedom. I did not appreciate the government forcing me to pay for someone else’s immoral behavior.

I liked the way you brought in liberal hypocrisy. We know it’s pandemic, but liberals never acknowledge it, and if they did, would never do anything about it. This was my favorite: “Will President Obama now give back the $1 million that Bill Maher just gave his super PAC?  You want to get some of the tapes that Bill Maher has called Sarah Palin? The ‘c’ word over and over again?”

Just like Bill Clinton made oral sex acceptable to middle school students, now other young girls will argue that it’s OK to be promiscuous. Even President Obama supports Sandra Fluke. I shudder to think what our nation will be like in 20 years – if it’s still here.

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