Sandra Fluke and Rush vs. Monica Lewinsky and Clinton

Rush Limbaugh has been drawing fire for comments he made about Sandra Fluke, a 30-year-old law school student. She was upset that taxpayers would not pay for her birth control pills. When Limbaugh described her behavior as that of a “slut” and prostitute, the liberal media machine went into action to condemn his comments. A number of companies – Sleep Number, Carbonite, ProFlowers – dropped their advertising from the show.

I wonder how many of these same companies advertise on liberal shows. I don’t have the means to check on it. Many of you may not have heard of “The Ed Schultz Show,” but it’s a liberal mainstay. The folks at Red State report that Carbonite, while ending its advertising for the Rush Limbaugh Show, continues to advertise with Shultz. “Ed Schultz made a similar remark to Rush’s although his was less a question about the usage of the word (as it was for Rush) and more him just screaming that [conservative talk host] Laura Ingraham is a ‘right wing slut.’”

So why dump Rush but keep Schultz? The CEO of Carbonite, David Friend, was a financial supporter of the Obama campaign in 2008.

But there’s more to the liberal hypocrisy. Here’s how Rush describes it:

But as you ponder this notion of the Democrat Party taking care of Sandra Fluke, I want you to think of another woman. Monica Lewinsky. What happened to Monica Lewinsky? Monica Lewinsky was having… What would you say? Protected sex with a sitting president. They destroyed her life. Kathleen Willey. Paula Jones.

There was James Carville: “Ah, you never know what you’re gonna get when you take a dollar and drag it through a trailer park. That’s what you’re gonna come up with: Paula Jones.” Yeah, this is the party that cares about and loves women.

Monica Lewinsky. She had her life destroyed by Bill Clinton and the media.  But Sandra Fluke’s on the right side of this issue with the media.  So she’s going to be fine.

How many times have you heard people fault conservatives for “judging” others for taking a stand on moral issues? These “non‑judgers” want to have it both ways. The “judge nots” want to deny conservatives the freedom to judge behavior they believe is immoral, and in some instances criminal (e.g., abortion), and at the same time these “judge not” types want to maintain their freedom to judge the judging behavior of Conservatives. Conservatives are viewed as hypocrites for using the Bible to judge when the Bible commands them to “judge not.”

True, Jesus said “Do not judge lest you be judged” (Matt.7:1; Luke 6:37). But He also said, “judge with righteous judgment” (John 7:24; see Deut. 16:18). These are not contradictory statements since the context of Jesus’ words in Matthew tells us what He means by “not judging.” Jesus was condemning those who judge using two standards of justice, one standard for the judge and another for the accused.

The Bible maintains — in both the Old and New Testaments — that the standard of judgment must be equal for both parties (Num. 15:16). “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it shall be measured to you” (Matt. 7:2).

None of this matters to liberals. They are all about control and power.

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