Who Would Want Breitbart Dead?

I got a call Thursday morning from my business partner asking me what I thought about the death of Andrew Breitbart. He wanted to know if I thought it might have been a hit job. First, I was shocked that Breitbart had died. I had not heard the news.

Second, the 1950 film D.O.A. came to mind. It starred Edmond O’Brien. O’Brien was a top-notch Oscar-winning actor (for the The Barefoot Contessa  in 1954). Other films include The Killers, White Heat, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and The Wild Bunch.

Here’s the storyline. Frank Bigelow (O’Brien) is an accountant who goes to San Francisco for a last week of bachelor freedom before settling down with his fiancée Paula. After a night on the town, he wakes up with an odd hangover. He checks in with a doctor who tells him he’s been poisoned with a “luminous toxin” that does not have an antidote. Frank is told that he has, at most, a week to live. A second opinion nets the same result.

He spends what’s left of his life tracking down the person or persons who wanted him dead. He walks into the police station and says to the desk officer in charge, “I want to report a murder . . . mine.”

You can watch the bar scene here, just the first two minutes:

Of course, so far, there is no indication that Andrew Breitbart’s drink was laced with poison at the bar at The Brentwood, but the reaction by a number of people on the left reveals how they loathed him and wished him harm. Here are some comments that Mike Malloy made on his show in February of 2011:

Remember, these right wing scum — these are neo-Nazis! If I ever come across Andrew Breitbart, uh, there will be um, nastiness occur! Let me just put it that way — I hate these people!

[T]he right-wing needs to be stomped into the ground, they really do! The right wing needs to be crushed in the United States like a cockroach. The right-wing needs to be ground into the dirt! I’m telling you, they are destroying the country!

Here’s a place to go if you want to read some of the oozing hate of the tolerant liberal class in America. The article is called “Liberals Celebrate Death of Andrew Breitbart.” Read it and weep and understand what we are up against. Here’s one of them:

Andrew Breitbart destroyed lives based on LIES, I will not be some phony liberal and pretend condolences. ROT IN HELL ANDREW U BASTARD!

Of course, Breitbart would have had a good laugh and then sent the tweet to all his friends. He understood that such vitriol is the gasping breath of a dying worldview.

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