Next Targets: Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and American Flag

Parodies and satire are built on the consequential absurdities of some statement, incident, or argument.

Who would have ever thought that an Olympic athlete would claim to be a woman, or that any man would want to be a woman and certain elements in society would claim that such transitioning deserves an Olympic-type of medal of its own for making such a “heroic” decision?

Now we’re being told that by taking down the Confederate Battle Flag that all will be right with the world. While Flip Wilson’s Geraldine’s character claimed “the devil made me do it,” we’re to believe that a flag made Dylann Roof murder five black people during a prayer meeting in a church.

Let’s remember that South Carolina elected a woman of Indian descent as governor and a black man as U.S. Senator — both Republicans.

If the Confederate Battle Flag is offensive, let’s not forget that the American flag and Constitution are also offensive to many. The American flag, not the Confederate Battle flag or the Southern flag (they are different), flew on slave ships. The Constitution did not abolish slavery, so it has to go as well.

Northern states were involved in the slave trade. There’s still a great deal of racism and bigotry in the north. For example, on June 24, 1924, the Ku Klux Klan held an outdoor meeting in Tionesta, Pennsylvania, that drew a crowd of 4,000. It was described as “the largest crowd ever seen in Tionesta up to that date despite heavy rains in the early part of the day.” New York and Chicago had large Klan membership.

Here’s a KKK parade in our nation’s Capital where Klan members are carrying the United States Flag, not a Confederate flag.

The long-time U.S. Senator of West Virginia, Robert Byrd, was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and led his local chapter. There are tens of places in WV named after the former Klan member. Will they be renamed?

There’s enough hypocrisy to go around.

Rush Limbaugh is on the right track with the claim that the real targets of the left are the American flag and Constitution and ultimately many of the founding principles of our nation.

From Denver, Colorado (2015)

Since we’re talking about taking down flags, it’s time we take down the anti-Christian rainbow flag of the homosexual movement.

While the following article from The Peoples Cube is satire, it’s not far off the mark. Don’t think that there isn’t some atheist group somewhere that will make this their next legal project. It’s the logical consequence of where we as a nation are headed.


Atheist activists have filed a lawsuit through the ACLU against the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) last week to have the Declaration of Independence removed from public viewing at the Capitol Rotunda. The activists maintain that a document with multiple references to God in its text prominently displayed on government property is completely ‘unconstitutional’ in addition to being highly ‘offensive.’

The claimants, a newly registered non-profit group, Organizing for Secular Justice, have issued a press-release with this explanation: “For far too long has the religious right been suppressing our liberties by force-feeding the idea of a Christian God to individuals under the guise of freedom. To evolve past such archaic ideas and superstitions is an idea whose time has come. This charade of bigotry ends now!”

If the lawsuit is successful, the Declaration of Independence will be removed from the Rotunda of the National Archives and placed into permanent storage, away from the public eye.

“We’re better off this way,” said Bryon Fuller, one of the directors at Organizing for Secular Justice. “As long as there remains any reference to God of any kind in a public building, especially within that outdated wrinkled-up piece of paper showcased in the Capitol, there it will remain as a monument to ignorance, tyranny, and oppression of everyday Americans. In its current form the Declaration of Independence is by far the biggest threat to our liberties. There is no place for it in a truly free and modern society.”

“Our agenda is not as radical as some may think,” noted Fuller. “We don’t want to destroy the Declaration of Independence or even to hide it from the public forever, we’re not barbarians. But while it is in storage, our plan is to give it a little, shall we call it, cosmetic face-lift with the help of Europe’s top art restoration authorities, namely, the Royal Office of Antiquities based in London, England. They will carefully restore the Declaration of Independence by carefully scraping off language related to ‘God,’ ‘liberty,’ and ‘independence,’ using the skills and techniques they’ve become famous for while repairing priceless but damaged works of art. Once historical and secular justice is restored, we’ll allow the document to be put back on public display.”


Activists at Organizing for Secular Justice are inclined to keep terms like “Laws of Nature” in the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, which says, “to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them,” but they are adamant about removing “and Nature’s God” from the original.

“The phrase may have had some weight back in the 18th century,” explained Fuller, “but in our age of science and progress it means absolutely nothing and only confuses students in Common Core social studies, who understand ‘Laws of Nature’ as Darwin’s evolution and ‘a higher and more powerful intelligence’ as the federal government in Washington, D.C.”


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