Yahoo! Bullied into Censoring Comments

I know that only governments can censor, but like Susan B. Komen Foundation, the Left-wing bullies are on a rampage. This time it’s the folks at Yahoo! The latest from the once high rolling internet site is a self-inflicted wound that could depreciate the stock even more. Bowing to the folks at GLAAD, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Yahoo! has been removing anti-homosexual comments from its website.

The folks at Newsbusters get it right:

There is nothing wrong with taking down comments wishing violence on gay people. Censor away. But would GLAAD also like to take down comments suggesting homosexuality is wrong? Anyone who follows them would strongly suspect that when companies like Yahoo! bow to GLAAD pressure, it’s not just about eliminating violent comments, but all “anti-LGBT comments.”

When GLAAD says jump, organizations ask “how high?” It all started with homosexual singer and “American idol” contestant Adam Lambert. “There is presently NO space to comment on Adam Lambert posts here. Or here. Or here. But if you hate Simon Cowell, comment here. There are 1,059 comments [and counting].”

It remains to be seen if Yahoo! will be as conscientious about removing comments denigrating religion in general and Christianity in particular.

Homosexuals are in the bullying business. It’s a full-time job to keep the world ‘straight’ about homosexuality. No one can ever describe what homosexuality really is, and anyone who suggests that homosexuality is anything but inborn is in for shunning.

Consider what happened to Cynthia Nixon told the New York Times Magazine that lesbianism was a choice for her. Such a claim is not allowed since Nixon’s remarks could be used to deny a biological basis for homosexuality. This will not do.

Nixon, knowing she can’t offend the homosexual bullies, told the pro-homosexual Advocate magazine that technically she is “bisexual, and not by choice.” Are we to believe that there’s now a bisexual gene? Has anyone found it? What would I t look like? If we follow the “not by choice” argument over the rainbow, any type of behavior can be justified.

Can a person be a biological pedophile, a biological polygamist, a biological, adulterer, a biological __________________? We’d have to empty the prisons in America if the biological defense catches on.

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