Where’s Obama As “Despair Deepens” for Victims of Hurricane Sandy?

I was shocked by reports that President Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy helped him get elected. Are they that fickled, naïve, and intellectually shallow? I don’t believe his response to the Hurricane made a bit of difference to these voters. The people who claimed that this was one of the reasons they voted for Obama were going to vote for him anyway.

Those of you who say you did vote for Obama because of his response to Sandy, what do you think of him now? What did he actually do? He showed up with Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey (whose political future could be toast), made some promise that no one will be left behind, and then went back on the campaign trail. But before leaving he vowed, “No bureaucracy. No red tape.”

A line from the film Big, starring Tom Hanks, comes to mind: “Suckers!”

Where is he now that the election is over? “‘FEMA packed up everything yesterday and left the area,’ said MaryLou Wong, whose home in the Midland Beach neighborhood was destroyed. ‘They haven’t come back.’” They don’t need to. Obama got reelected.

Here are some headlines describing what people are going through with President Obama nowhere to be found:

FEMA office on Staten Island closed 'due to weather'... Despair deepens... TAX HIT THREATENS VICTIMS... Looting Reaches Epidemic Levels... Gas Crisis Could Last Weeks... Looting Reaches Epidemic Levels...

Here’s what one person wrote in a comment about the people in the state that went solidly for Obama and praised the president for his response:

Devastated residents of New York are FORCED to stay in COLD, DARK homes — freezing in the shadows because of {urban/thug} LOOTERS — no power, little help and no hope.

This is an EPIC FAILURE of leadership from Obama down to the LOCAL LEVEL — yet you people rewarded Obama with a bucket-full of electoral votes.
THAT is the definition of stupidity AND hypocrisy {you know you’d be burning a Republican president in effigy by now}.

The media would be falling all over themselves to report how a Republican president had abandoned the people of New York. All he wanted to do was use their tragedy as a backdrop to his campaign to pick up a few more votes for the election.

Obama supporters are all about image. Well, they got their image. He and Michelle are right now planning what vacations and golf outings they’ll be going on in the next four years.

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