GOP Stock is Down – Time to Buy!

You’ve heard financial investors tell you, “Buy Low — Sell High.” Right now Republican stock is down. Now’s the time to buy Republican. Get involved in the GOP and take over the party. I spoke yesterday to some of my friends who voted third party, didn’t vote, or wrote in a presidential preference out of principle. They have no idea what it would take to get a viable third party going in America. It’s a monumental task, and it’s expensive.

Liberals learned this a long time ago. Conservatives started Harvard, Yale, King’s College (Columbia), and nearly every other major United States college. It took time, but liberals took them over — lock, stock, and barrel — their land, buildings, libraries, bank accounts, endowments, and investment portfolios.

Which is easier and quicker to do? Start a viable third party or take over an existing political party? It’s easier and cheaper to take over the GOP. Political pundits like Karl Rove and Dick Morris got it wrong. Their stock is down. It’s ripe for a takeover.

There are already a number of good people on the inside who would help us in our efforts. They need our help just as we need theirs. Four more years of complaining and “I’ve told you so” won’t get us anywhere. I’ve been hearing the same rhetoric for more than 30 years. Shelf-loads of books have been written on economics, political strategies, how the Left is impoverishing us and the Right is selling us down the river, but I haven’t seen much institutional change among the finger pointers.

They despise the Republican Establishment (as I do), but they haven’t offered a viable alternative except in principle. Viability is important for people who do not have an ideological dog in the fight which is where a majority of Americans are. People support winners. If you can’t or will not grasp this point, then you better find a different line of work.

I firmly believe that many (maybe most) third-party people don’t want a real change in the political landscape because they know they couldn’t make it work. They don’t have the skills, knowledge, or the work ethic to make the fundamental changes that are needed to turn things around.

Some are content to watch it all burn and then believe that a new political Phoenix will rise from the ashes and a desperate world will call on them to show the way to salvation. It’s not going to happen. If it burns, it’s taking us with it.

Sorry folks, but that’s not the way it works. It doesn’t work in politics like it doesn’t work in medicine, fixing cars, building a house, sending a rocket into space, learning a new language, designing a sky scraper, or learning to play a musical instrument. It’s hard work. Talk does not build a building. Dr. Gary North gave the following advice to a young talented pianist and painter:

What if you devoted the next four years, including summers, to improving your skills with the paint brush? At 8 hours a day, five days a week, 50 weeks a year, the total is 8,000 hours. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, we learn that 10,000 hours of intense work usually are required to become a virtuoso. This investment of time does not guarantee such status, but it is necessary, though not sufficient.

Of course, we can’t and shouldn’t (although some people do) devote that amount of time to politics, but it shows us that change is not magical. It doesn’t drop from the sky after wishing, bitching, and hoping. It takes a lot of work and determination. Are you up to the task?

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