What Would Lou Gehrig, Bob Richards, and Ronald Reagan say about General Mills’ Support for ‘Gay Marriage’?

Bob Richards was the first athlete to appear on the front of a General Mills Wheaties box. Lou Gehrig, the Yankee “Iron Horse,” was the first athlete to appear on the box, but it wasn’t on the cover. Richards had won the pole vault in the 1952 and 1956 Olympics. He is the only two-time Olympic gold medal winner in the pole vault. Richards was called the “Vaulting Vicar” because he was a Christian minister. He was the first Wheaties spokesman, setting up the Wheaties Sports Federation, which encouraged participation in Olympic sports.

It’s been claimed that Wheaties radio broadcasting in the 1930s launched the early career of Ronald Reagan, who was at the time a sports broadcast announcer in Des Moines, Iowa, that eventually led him to Hollywood, two governorships of California, and a two-term presidency of the United States.

The once wholesome parent company of Wheaties, Cheerios, and Kix is now going ‘gay,’ gay marriage that is. If “Kix are for kids,” do you want them eating a cereal that supports a company that promotes same-sex sexual relationships? General Mills has used famous people Like Gehrig, Richards, Reagan and many more to promote their products. Will children get the message that it’s OK to be ‘gay’ because some famous person is on a Wheaties box?

Minnesota has a constitutional amendment on the ballot that will define marriage as between one man and one woman. General Mills’ CEO Kendall J. Powell spoke at a ‘gay’ pride event that the company opposes the constitutional amendment.

Support of homosexual marriage by General Mills seems strange given the fact that there are so few homosexuals in the United States when compared to heterosexuals. Every time the issue has been voted on, homosexual marriage has been struck down. Who is General Mills trying to win with this move?

The only way General Mills will see the error of its way is for Americans not to purchase their products. This shouldn’t be much of a problem since most of their foods are loaded with sugar and bad carbohydrates. So do yourself a favor, dump General Mills and get lean with a better diet and send a message to the company.

General Mills Products

Baking – Betty Crocker, Gold Medal (flour), Pillsbury, Knack & Back, Bisquick, Jus-Rol, LaSalteña

Cereal – Big G, Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast, Kix, Monsters (Count Chocula), Trix, Cascadian farm, Chex, Fiber One, Lucky Charms, Total, Wheaties

Dough/Pastry – Jus-Rol, Pillsbury, Knack & Back

Fruit – Cascadian Farm

Ice Cream – Hӓagen Das

Meals – Betty Crocker, Good Earth, Hamburger Helper, Old El Paso, Wanchai Ferry, Diablitos Underwood, Green Giant, Macaroni Grill, V.Pearl

Organic/Natural – Cascadian Farm, Lӓrabar, Food Should Taste Good Muir Glen

Pasta – Frescarini, La Salteña, Latina, Wanchai Ferry

Pizza – Totino’s, Jeno’s

Snacks – Bugles, Chex, Fiber One, Gardetto’s, Nature Valley, Cascadian Farm, Food Should Taste Good, Fruit Snacks, Lӓrabar

Soup – Muir Glen, Progresso

Vegetables – Cascadian Farm, Muir Glen, Green Giant

Yogurt – Liberté, Yoplait, Mountain High, Yoplait France

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