What Do the Arkansas and Kentucky Primaries Tell Us about the November Election?

Arkansas and Kentucky held primaries yesterday. In Arkansas, the total number of votes for the two Democrats on the ballot were 160, 249. John Wolfe received 66,544 votes and President Obama received 93,705. Wolfe is a no-name candidate who has no political history in the state. He’s from Tennessee.

The Republican side broke down this way with a total of 149,548 votes cast:

Newt Gingrich: 7,354 (4.92%)

Mitt Romney: 102,183 (68.33%)

Rick Santorum: 19,943 (13.34%)

Ron Paul: 20,068 (13.42%)

More people voted for the two Democrats than voted for the four Republicans. Even so, Romney received more votes than President Obama (102,183 to 93,705).

The Democrats who voted for John Wolfe were voting against President Obama. If we add the anti-Obama votes to the total of Republican votes the number comes to 216,092 vs. 93,705.

How these numbers will trend in November is anybody’s guess, but if the incumbent were a Republican, the media would post the dismal results on every page of every newspaper and magazine they could get their media-biased hands on. Every news show would lead with the story of how the Republican will lose big in November.

Then there’s the Kentucky primary. The Business Insider is reporting on the results with this headline. Remember, this is a business website:

Obama Is Getting Humiliated In The Kentucky Primary,
40 Percent Of Democrats Voted For ‘Uncommitted’

Ouch! Essentially, 40 percent of the voters in Kentucky voted for anybody but Obama. The article goes on to report:

The result doesn’t exactly change anything for Obama but it is another embarrassing result for the incumbent. Last week in West Virginia, a convicted felon won 41 percent of the vote against Obama. The message is this, Obama is unbelievably weak among white Appalachian Democrats.

Those low numbers among that cohort of voters could make a difference in Pennsylvania or Virginia.

These results show that here is a deep current of dissatisfaction with the Obama Administration.  Of course, the GOP, while a little better off, is still in protest mode. Thirty-one percent of Republican voters did not vote for Romney. The Republicans have a lot of work to do. Hopefully they got the message sent to them by voting out long-term senator Richard Lugar of Indiana. As is often the case with the establishment, sometimes you have to YELL because they’re hard of hearing.

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