This is Why Some Republicans are Stupid

Democrats attack conservatives who make a lot of money and oppose higher taxes. Republicans usually support people who have made a lot of money because people with money create jobs, and spend, invest, and save their money. All of these actions lead to higher employment, capitalization of new businesses, and the availability of risk capital for innovative companies that have a good chance of success. If an investor loses his money in a venture, it’s his money, not mine. If I decide to invest with him, it’s my money, not yours.

Democrats believe that their politicians are better equipped to spend our money. But since it’s not their money, they are less discriminating. The use of $500 million to fund Solyndra is a perfect example of why governments should not be involved in business capitalization. There is no risk aversion when using someone else’s money.

Newt Gingrich and other Republicans are attacking Mitt Romney by describing him as “more ruthless than Wall Street. A film bankrolled by Gingrich supporters shows a laughing Romney saying “make a profit. That’s what it’s all about.” Yes, that’s what it is all about. A company that does not make a profit will go out of business. It’s simple math. What business stays in business when it doesn’t make a profit? Only government-subsidized businesses.

The film also targets Romney’s net worth. Some say it overstates how much he’s worth. Why does it matter? Such arguments are the tactics of the Left. Gingrich has little room to talk. He’s a one-percenter who’s a pretty high roller himself and seems to eat pretty well.

Being rich should not disqualify someone from office.

Romney has stated that, while some business ventures he was associated with failed, a net gain of 100,000 jobs were created by Bain Capital’s successes. Again, it’s none of our business unless he did something fraudulent. No one is in business to lose money.

Thankfully, some Republicans are denouncing the attack ads:

The influential Wall Street Journal editorial page denounced the criticism as “crude and damaging caricatures of modern business and capitalism” . . . , saying that “desperate” GOP candidates “sound like Michael Moore,” the left-wing filmmaker and provocateur.

Other prominent conservatives similarly bemoaned what they viewed as liberal attack tactics that will be copied by President Obama’s campaign in November.

Conservative talk radio stalwart Rush Limbaugh said . . . of Gingrich’s criticism that “you could have read this in an Occupy Wall Street flier.”

“You could, after all these bites, say, ‘I’m Barack Obama, and I approve this message,’” Limbaugh said.

Being a business owner myself, sometimes it’s necessary to let people go to save a company. I’ve had to do it. It’s painful. Then there are times that a company cannot be saved or shouldn’t be saved. Liberals target companies for salvation and use other people’s money — our money — to prop them up for future votes.

A president shouldn’t be involved in business decisions on what companies succeed and what companies fail. A president takes an oath to follow the Constitution. The Constitution doesn’t give the president any power over business decisions.

The filmmakers show Romney speaking French. Why should this be seen as a liability? When Jackie Kennedy was able to speak French, it was seen as a great asset to her husband.

If you want to attack Mitt Romney or any candidate, do it on substance, not hearsay. Let’s not adopt the tactics of the purveyors of envy to destroy a candidate even though that candidate is not our choice.

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