I Think I’ll Just Offer an Apology if I Get Audited by the IRS

It seems all you have to do these days is offer an apology for massive mistakes and lies when it comes to policy rollouts. President Obama apologized for the disaster that’s the Affordable Care Act. Liberals now want critics of ObamaCare to move on. What else do conservatives want Obama to do? Isn’t an apology enough?

We’ve seen a string of apologies from Leftists. Education Secretary Arne Duncan denigrated white women, but he apologized. Martin Bashir attacked Sarah Palin in a vile way, but he apologized. President Obama apologized for the lie he told about Americans being able to keep their insurance plans and doctors.

Apology should be accepted. The problem is. An apology is not enough when hundreds of millions of people are affected. Repentance is the better act. to repent means to change your mind and actions.

Repentance “generally involves a commitment to personal change and resolving to live a more responsible and humane life.” Obama and those who voted for the Affordable Care Act need to repent. That would mean the repeal of an unconstitutional, freedom-denying, job-killing government program. That would be a real apology.

No one has been fired or disciplined in any way over the ObamaCare roll out.

Consider these comments from Howard Kurtz and the Martin Bashir attack on Sarah Palin. It’s called applying the Conservative Test:

“What would MSNBC say if a conservative had talked about defecating on, say, Hillary Clinton?

“In his televised apology, directed to both Palin and to viewers, Bashir said his remarks were ‘unworthy’ and ‘deeply offensive,’ and that he is ‘deeply sorry.’ He said he wished he had been ‘more thoughtful’ and ‘more compassionate.’ He said ‘the politics of vitriol and destruction is a miserable place to be and a miserable person to become,’ and promised to learn a lesson.

“An abject apology is all well and good. But as Mediaite’s Joe Concha writes, invoking MSNBC President Phil Griffin: ‘Could you imagine if Neil Cavuto or Jake Tapper, who occupy the same timeslot on Fox and CNN, respectively, suggested anyone s*it in anyone’s mouth on national television, as Bashir did last week?”

If Richard Nixon had only known it was this easy to cover his behind, there never would have been Watergate.

Try apologizing to the IRS if the government agency determines that you misstated your income.

“I’m sorry. Now get over it and move on. I apologized. All has been made right. I’m just following the example of the President. He lied. He apologized. He wasn’t made to pay for the lie. Why should I?”

Apologies only seem to work if you’re a liberal.

The damage has already been done. They still get to keep their jobs, and most liberals like the attacks and secretly wish liberals would not apologize.

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