Obama Honors Supporter of the Destruction of the Black Race

The long-heralded feminist and mouthpiece for unrestrictive abortion Gloria Steinem was honored by President Obama. In addition to honoring Steinem, he also made the opportunity for Steinem to honor her philosophical mentor Margaret Sanger (1879-1966). The following is from

“Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Monday, feminist Gloria Steinem said that she hoped that her receiving of the Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama would be ‘honoring the work of Margaret Sanger.’”

Sanger’s birth control and eugenics organization became what we know today as Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States.

Sanger’s views were no different from those of Adolf Hitler and his call for a pure Master Race. She was all about keeping what she described as the “unfit” from breeding in order to “create a race of thoroughbreds.”

Sanger wrote the following in the article “The Eugenic Value of Birth Control Propaganda” which appeared in the October 1921 edition of Birth Control Review:

“As an advocate of birth control, I wish to take advantage of the present opportunity to point out that the unbalance between the birth rate of the ‘unfit’ and the ‘fit,’ admittedly the greatest present menace to civilization, can never be rectified by the inauguration of a cradle competition between these two classes.”

When Sanger spoke of the “unfit,” she had people like Barack Obama in mind. She detested what she described as “mongrel peoples.” During an appearance on “The View,” President Obama said that African-Americans “are sort of a mongrel people.” Sanger would not have liked the idea that Barack Obama was the leader of the once-free world.

So here we have President Obama awarding the Medal of Freedom to a woman who extols the virtues of Margaret Sanger who wanted a pure-race world free of the likes of someone like Obama.

Jonah Goldberg writes:

“One of Sanger’s closest friends and influential colleagues was the white supremacist Lothrop Stoddard, author of The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy. In the book he offered his solution for the threat posed by the darker races: ‘Just as we isolate bacterial invasions, and starve out the bacteria, by limiting the area and amount of their food supply, so we can compel an inferior race to remain in its native habitat.’ When the book came out, Sanger was sufficiently impressed to invite him to join the board of directors of the American Birth Control League.”

Liberalism is Godless, a nihilistic black hole, “the ultimate paradise of the fool.”1

  1. R.C. Sproul, The Consequences of Ideas: Understanding the Concepts that Shaped the World (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2000), 171. []
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