The First Amendment Was Written for Rodeo Clowns

This rodeo clown incident may become a political tipping point. The racialists might have gone to the race well one too many times. It seems that everything is being turned into a racial incident because liberal ideology is beginning to fracture. Liberals need a diversion.

Oprah Winfrey’s claim that she was discriminated against while shopping for a hand bag in a Switzerland store might be contributing to people being fed up with the claim that every slight, criticism, and jab is motivated by race. The store employee and owner discounted Winfrey’s charges.

It hasn’t helped the cause of race relations in the United States that Oprah is saying that “Trayvon is the Emmett Till of our era.” How a man defending himself against repeated blows to his head can be compared to brutalizing a defenseless 14-year-old boy who had been kidnapped from his uncle’s house and then beaten, shot, and was later thrown in the Tallahatchie River where his body was discovered and retrieved from the river three days later.

For Oprah and many other blacks, just being non-black makes a person a racist.

The Missouri fair rodeo clown wore an Obama mask. He didn’t come out in blackface. The clown wore a mask that was similar to the one that Obama had worn on Saturday Night Live.Obama Mask

He came out as Obama and made fun of him like every president since George Washington has been mocked, ridiculed, and denigrated for their political views.

George W. Bush was depicted as a monkey and Adolf Hitler. I don’t recall him ever making an issue of it.

Rush Limbaugh is right. Obama’s race has given him political cover for nearly five years.

So what’s worse? Putting on an Obama mask and ridiculing the president or calling him, as Oliver Stone just did, a “snake” that “we have to turn on”? Reminds of the Gadsden Flag that pictures a coiled snake ready to strike that reads, “Don’t Tread on Me.” Will Stone be banned for life? There’s no political capital in going after liberals.

The First Amendment was drafted to protect all kinds of speech, especially political speech. There was a time when the freedom to criticize those who held political office was universally denied to the citizenry. To speak ill of the king often meant imprisonment or worse.

The right of the citizenry to differ with rulers did not stop everyone from finding ingenious ways to vent anger and frustration over impossible edicts and capricious political maneuverings. One clever way to expose the shenanigans of the crown was to compose biting parodies that ridiculed the policies of the king and his court.

During the reign of Richard III, the English landowner, administrator, and poet William Colinglbourne (c. 1435–1484) wrote the following anonymous lines:

The Cat, the Rat, and Lovell our Dog,Hog Lovell

Do rule all England, under a Hog.

The “Cat” was the crafty lawyer Sir William Catesby who, through the help of the crown, lined  his pockets through graft. The “Rat” described Sir Richard Ratcliffe who exhibited the traits of the offensive rodent “to gnawe on whom he should.” Lord Lovell’s crest was a dog, and King Richard’s emblem was a wild boar, a hog. Collingbourne’s meaning had been a bit too transparent. The poet was executed on Tower Hill in 1484.

We don’t execute political offenders today. We exile them, destroy their careers, and turn them into examples of what happens to people who attack the latest political god.

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