The Big Gay Rights Lie and How America Fell for It

Those of us who have been following the debate over same-sex rights have known for decades that the number of homosexuals was never at the ten percent level. We knew it was around 2.5%. It’s probably less. WND reports:

“A just-released Gallup survey says Americans ‘greatly overestimate’ the number of their fellow citizens who identify as ‘gay’ or lesbian, mistakenly believing about 23 percent of the population fits this category.”

Like everything the liberal media and advocacy rights organizations do to promote their causes, they lie. If they told the truth, their causes would not be accepted by the majority of Americans.

Unborn babies are blobs of tissue so let’s legalize vacuuming out their little body parts and flush them down the drain.

No matter what the liberal cause, there is most often a big lie behind it. Here’s the latest:

“Last year, UCLA grad student Michael LaCour and Columbia political scientist Donald Green published a startling finding, based on an experiment they ran: going door to door to try to persuade voters to support same-sex marriage works, they found, and it works especially well when the canvasser delivering the message is gay. They even found spillover effects: people who lived with voters who talked to a gay canvasser grew more supportive of same-sex marriage, too.”

The problem? The entire study was a lie. “The findings were, as it turns out, too miraculous. Green has retracted the study, and asked the journal Science to do the same. LaCour, it turned out, faked the data.”

Why have the scales tipped in favor of same-sex sexuality? Because the majority of people are never confronted with what same-sex sexuality really is or the high incidence of diseases that are associated with the practice.

Being “gay” is a euphemism for anal and other types of sexual practices, and millions of people bought into the lie that being “gay” is not a choice even though there is no scientific study supporting the claim. Many young people are getting their worldview shaped by popular culture thinking.

Let me tell you my story.

I was teaching a class at a private school some years ago. The class was a mix of students from various schools. Their parents were looking of a more rigorous academic setting coupled with a Christian worldview.

I taught a class on Christian apologetics. We discussed every topic under the sun. One day the subject of homosexuality came up. One of the students said that she did not see anything wrong with it. Here’s what I said:

“Are you saying that you believe that some guy who sticks his penis in the rectum of another man is normal sexual behavior?”

Her draw dropped. She had never heard same-sex sexuality described that way. Most people haven’t. Of course, I went on to offer biblical, logical, biological, rational, and historical arguments against same-sex sexuality and the legal ramifications if same-sex sexuality was ever legalized.

When people hear the truth about same-sex sexuality, many (most?) of them change their views. A similar thing happened with abortion. More people now oppose abortion because they have learned what it is.

It’s no wonder that homosexuals are getting ready to use the courts to stop all negative comments about same-sex sexuality. They want to make it a crime to speak out against homosexuality.

Homosexuality is not about love. Nobody is denying anybody the right to love somebody. When sex is said to be synonymous for love, we are headed down a very dangerous path.

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