Ted Kennedy Let Mary Jo Kopechne Die in the Back Seat of His Car While Mitt Romney Cut a Kid’s Hair

You’ve heard that the Washington Post dredged up a 47-year-old story about Mitt Romney. Supposedly he bullied some kid in high school by cutting his hair. As more of the facts have come out, it’s obvious that the lengthy hit piece was built on a foundation of “we need this story to be true” journalism.

If this is the best the Left can do, Obama is in deep trouble. Of course, the bogus bully story won’t stop Obama and his minions from attempting to dig up more dirt on Romney. When an Obama sycophant Michelle Goldberg compares Ann Romney to Hitler and Stalin, you know the Democrat Party is an asylum run by the crazies.

We all know that there is a liberal double standard but nothing compares to the 47-year-old Romney “bully” story. Consider how many high profile Democrats have had pasts that would sink any Republican.

How many people remember that Joe Biden, President Obama’s Vice President, ran for president in 1988, but dropped out of the race because it was found out that he had plagiarized? It seems that he borrowed passages from British politician Neil Kinnock and claimed them as his own. The excuse was that he had used the uncredited material in speeches rather than published material, so his liberal friends dismissed any criticism.

It wasn’t too long before a number of journalists did some digging and found that Biden had also lifted passages from speeches given by Robert Kennedy. To add further damage to his already shaken credibility, reports began to surface that Biden had padded his academic record. Even these revelations did not end his presidential aspirations. The weight of further revelations of impropriety did him in. Twenty years earlier, Biden had received a failing grade in a law school course for plagiarizing a legal article. He had copied five pages from another work while only supplying one footnote. Biden claimed that he had been unaware of the appropriate standards for legal briefs. Right.

Then there’s Democrat Ted Kennedy of Chappaquiddick infamy. The Chappaquiddick story is so well known that the words “Ted Kennedy” and “Chappaquiddick” are inseparably linked for all time. It is beyond me to understand how the majority of voters in Massachusetts continually elected this man to the Senate every six years.

Kennedy was drunk the evening of July 18, 1969, when he drove his car off Dike Bridge and into Poucha Pond, leaving Mary Jo Kopechne, a young campaign worker, to drown. To add to the tragedy, Kennedy left the scene of the accident and did not report it to the police until 9:45 the next morning. Kennedy hoped to contrive a story that would put Kopechne in the driver’s seat and absolve him of criminal neglect for driving too fast for conditions and under the influence.

Fortunately, no one would go along with this particular lie, although there was still a massive cover-up by the Kennedy political machine to protect the powerful Senator and their own dependent jobs. The Kennedy operatives whisked the other “Boiler Room girls” — who had been with Kennedy and Kopechne at the Lawrence Cottage, where the party was held — off the island and removed any evidence that the senator had been drinking. In addition, the fact of Kennedy’s expired driver’s license disappeared from the Massachusetts motor vehicle office.

Chuck Moss, a journalist for the Detroit News, gets it right in his review of Leo Damore’s Senatorial Privilege: The Chappaquiddick Cover-Up. Damore’s book “reveals the arrogance, the power and the corruption that permitted him to simply walk away into the future, where he can address a nationally televised Democratic convention [in 1988] — on the subject of public morals.”1

Two months before his death in 1979, former State Police Detective George Killen said Senator Kennedy “killed that girl the same as if he had put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger.”2

Democrats continually re-elected Robert Byrd to the Senate in West Virginia even though he was a high ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan. Let’s not forget Bill Clinton, the elder statesman of the Democrat party, who has been accused of rape. Rape!

The media knew about John Edwards’ affair when he was running for the Democrat nomination for president. They kept the information under wraps like they did for John and Robert Kennedy.

These prominent Democrats did these things long after high school.

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