10 Nov 2014

Is Obama Looking to Burn Down the House?

President Obama is a sore loser. He lost big on election-day 2014, even though he has said that it was not a rejection of his policies. Everybody but those in the Democrat leadership and media sycophants knows better. Obama, however, being the sore loser and narcissist that he is, will

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02 Jun 2012

How to Beat the Democrats at their Own Game

Don’t expect the Republican establishment to take on the Democrats and their own problem Republicans. The GOP establishment never met a RINO it didn’t like. If we’re going to beat the Democrats and the RINOs in November, we’re going to have to do it ourselves. The Democrats and liberal Republicans

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31 May 2012

Eric Holder Wants One Law for Whites and Another for ‘Non-Whites’

Attorney General Eric Holder spoke to a gathering of black church leaders on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., where he told them that voting is a “sacred” right. Where’s the ACLU? Americans United for Separation of Church and State? Sounds like “theocracy” and “dominionism” to me. Where’s Michelle Goldberg? Wasn’t the

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12 Mar 2012

No Voter ID Law Means More Democrat Voters in November

The Justice Department’s civil rights division shot down new voter ID law requirement for voters in Texas because many Hispanic voters lack state-issued identification. A similar edict from the Justice Department was leveled against South Carolina. When I saw the doctor yesterday to be treated for a sinus infection, I

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