How to Beat the Democrats at their Own Game

Don’t expect the Republican establishment to take on the Democrats and their own problem Republicans. The GOP establishment never met a RINO it didn’t like. If we’re going to beat the Democrats and the RINOs in November, we’re going to have to do it ourselves.

The Democrats and liberal Republicans kept telling the news pundits that the TEA Party was dead. Tell that to former senator Richard Lugar.

We can’t expect the media to take up our cause. This means taking it to the streets. Wherever a Democrat shows up for an event, plan a flash mob to be there. The model is when David Axelrod showed up in Boston. Romney supporters were there to greet him. There was no pushing or shoving. No threats of violence. Just an irritating chant: “Five more months . . . Five more months.  . . Five more months.” That is, five more months until the November election. Axelrod was unsettled. You can read more about the incident here.

The text tactic is crashing the party. The Democrats argue that requiring IDs to vote disenfranchise “non-whites.” Eric Holder, the nation’s Attorney General,” told us so. Since we don’t believe in discrimination, it seems that to require anyone to have an ID is by definition discriminatory.

You’ll need a couple of cameramen for this. Phone cameras will do. Make sure the sound is capture. It might help if at least two people to do the sound to make sure you capture it. Every time the Democrats have an event that requires some form of event ID to get in, a group of about 20 should show up ready to enter. When your entry is refused because of a lack of ID, ask why since the Attorney General, speaking for the President, has repeatedly said that requiring an ID is discriminatory.

Here’s an example:

Yesterday (Saturday), Massachusetts delegates met in their state’s Democrat party convention. The votes of these delegates determined whether there are primary elections for their party nominations. With so much at stake, Democrats implemented the following Voter ID requirements: A PHOTO ID WILL BE REQUIRED TO ENTER THE MASSMUTUAL CENTER

Every Democrat event will require IDs. Ask politely why an ID is required given the policy of the Attorney General. Videotape everything. Post the videos on YouTube and contact sites like Breitbart, Newsmax, Newsbusters, Godfather Politics, Conservative Byte, Patriot Update, and Vision to America.

Be cordial. Don’t yell. Don’t make a fuss. All you’re looking for is for anyone to say that an ID is needed to get in. Since it’s a political event, any ID requirement is an indication of voter disenfranchisement. Make the point over and over again.

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