06 Nov 2013

Democrats (and GOP) Have to be Worried About Virginia Election

President Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Vice President Biden, and a nearly $15 million edge in campaign cash couldn’t get the big victory Democrats were hoping for in Virginia. Terry McAuliffe “hauled in $34.4 million in campaign contributions, roughly $14 million more than Cuccinelli, including $8.1 million in the final

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05 Nov 2013

Joe Biden is an Idiot, a Plagiarist, and a Liar

I believe President Obama chose Joe Biden as vice president because Biden would make Obama look good. There would never be any question about Joe Biden overshadowing the President. There was no way that Obama was going to lose running against John McCain and the liberal media no matter who

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04 Nov 2013

Will More Vote against Terry McAuliffe in Virginia than Vote for Him?

The governor’s race in Virginia is a test case for the Democrats. Terry McAuliffe is a favorite son of the Democrats. He was a big Clinton playmaker. He’s been a fundraising machine for the Democrats. He served as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Like so many Democrats,

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02 Nov 2013

2014 Could be the Year of the Tea Party

I love off-year elections. The majority of low-information voters don’t vote. Unfortunately, a lot of conservatives also don’t vote even thought an off-year election is the best way to scuttle the Democrats and defeat some RINOs. Think 2010 when the Tea Party showed its muscle. Compare it to 2012 when

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