03 Dec 2012

Liberal Compares Obama’s Push for Tax Hikes to Lincoln Wanting to End Slavery

On an NPR broadcast, E. J. Dionne and David Brooks were discussing the “fiscal cliff” that we may or may not go over. Dionne, an op-ed writer for the uber-liberal Washington Post, compared President Obama’s resolve in pushing for more taxes to Abraham Lincoln who “stood his ground on the

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19 Nov 2012

Was Abraham Lincoln Our Greatest President?

There’s a new Lincoln movie out with a guy with both British and Irish citizenship playing the part of the Illinois Rail Splitter. How appropriate. Why is our 16th president so adored? What did he actually do that was good for our nation? Some will say that he ended slavery.

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05 Nov 2012

You Admit You’re a Slave if You Vote for Obama

We know that Blacks are going to vote en masse for President Obama even though he (1) supports abortion on demand, and that would include “black genocide,” (2) endorses homosexuality, a destroyer of families, (3) did not denounce the Democratic Party when the majority wanted to exclude God from its

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15 Oct 2012

Biden’s “I’m Personally Opposed to Abortion” Argument

In the vice-presidential debate, the topic of abortion came up. Vice-President Biden said that he was “personally opposed to abortion,” but he did not believe it was right to oppose his personal aversion to abortion on women who disagree with his personal beliefs. Biden is Roman Catholic, and if there

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22 Sep 2012

Romney Outed as a Conservative

How do we know Romney sounds like a conservative? The media are attacking him for something he said in June that was surreptitiously recorded by, if the reports are true, Jimmy Carter’s grandson. Why would Carter’s grandson do this? It’s simple. He wants Obama to win a second term. With

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26 Jul 2012

I Like FDR: Frederick Douglas Republicans

Is a political shift taking place among blacks? A group of us went to an advanced screening of Runaway Slave, and we can say unequivocally, Yes! “In RUNAWAY SLAVE, an intriguing new documentary that opens in theaters this summer, Rev. C.L. Bryant journeys across America to find answers. A one-time

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19 Jun 2012

Should Christians Disengage from Politics?

Every political year, religion becomes an issue. Its always been that way. There’s no escaping it. Everybody is religious. Every law on the books is an application of someone’s view of morality. What is the basis of that morality? It’s got to come from somewhere. Foundationally, it’s the basis of

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12 Feb 2012

Another Liberal Argument Bites the Dust

I was surfing through Facebook looking for some good articles to comment on, and I came across this post with an accompanying sign: “If God didn’t make gays, there wouldn’t be any.” Most of the hundreds of comments I read didn’t see how absolutely illogical this attempt at being logical

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10 Feb 2012

Progressive Taxation and Wealth Distribution are Slavery

In Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, he said the following about slavery: “It may seem strange that any men should dare to ask a just God’s assistance in wringing their bread from the sweat of other men’s faces.” How is it morally justifiable to steal men and women, enslave them,

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30 Dec 2011

Could Abraham Lincoln Run and Win in 2012?

Abraham Lincoln is a political icon to those on the Left and Right. Conservatives like Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck consider him to be our nation’s greatest president, as do many others. Some have compared Barack Obama to Lincoln. Check out the CBS article “The Obama-Lincoln Parallel: A Closer Look”

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09 Oct 2011

Democrats and the New Slavery

Harry Reid has described opponents of the controversial government healthcare bill as equivalent to those who opposed an immediate end to slavery. “You think you’ve heard these same excuses before? You’re right,” Reid said. “In this country there were those who dug in their heels and said, ‘Slow down, it’s

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