08 Jun 2015

Liberals Prove they are Anti-Science

How many times have we heard liberals shout it from the roof tops that conservatives are anti-science? It’s like the war on women meme. There’s no evidence supporting either claim, but they keep using them since if you repeat a lie often enough some (many?) people will end up believing

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03 Feb 2014

Why Evolutionists are Afraid to Debate Creationists

The upcoming Bill Nye the Science Guy versus Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis debate is upsetting some evolutionists. Dan Arel writing at RichardDawkins.net is one of them: “Scientists should not debate creationists. Period.” Mr. Arel begins by claiming that there are a number of topics that are worth debating

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10 Jan 2014

Man-Dog Sex: Maybe They Were in Love

The moral descent around the world is moving at an accelerated pace. It seems that everywhere we turn moral degeneracy is front page news. It used to be, “If it bleeds, it leads.” That’s no longer the case. Perversion is the new headline grabber. Here’s a recent story that did

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