15 Feb 2018

After Mocking and Ridiculing Christians Will Joy Behar Ridicule and Mock Muslims?

Christians are soft targets for anti-Christian media bigots. Joy Behar on “The View” is the latest example. She took a swipe at Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian beliefs with some of the most offensive comments I’ve heard on a mainstream TV show. Not only did her comments reveal her bigotry

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12 Jan 2016

Bernie Sanders Wants Me to Apologize for Something I Didn’t Do

It’s hard getting old. Bernie Sanders is getting old and he’s not thinking straight. It doesn’t help that his political philosophy is out of whack. His latest scheme to get votes is demanding that white America apologize for slavery. I’m pretty sure that the deaths of 600,000 dead American citizens

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16 May 2014

Black Celebrities Promote Homosexuals and Transgenders over Education and Jobs

Oprah Winfrey is going to do a reality show on Michael Sam. It seems that Oprah is more interested in sexual perversion than helping her fellow blacks in the areas of education and jobs. Oprah is a billionaire. By some estimates, she’s the richest African American woman in the world.

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12 May 2014

I Won’t Apologize for Being Born White

There’s a new fascist trend in America. It’s called the “UnFair Campaign” that attacks a thing called white privilege. If you’re white, there are certain privileges that come with it and as a result being white is unfair to people who aren’t white. I assume there’s China privilege in China

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25 Apr 2014

Cliven Bundy, “the Negro,” and the Liberal Attack Machine

It didn’t take long before the liberal media went on the attack against Cliven Bundy, especially when they found something that was racial. According to Adam Nagourney at the New York Times, here’s what Bundy had to say in an edited version of his comments: “I want to tell you

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16 Nov 2013

Oprah Says if You Oppose Obama You’re a Racist

I know you’re getting tired of hearing this, but it’s the ongoing liberal narrative. It seems to work, otherwise liberals would stop using it. Rule 7 of Saul Alinsky’s Lucifer-dedicated book Rules for Radicals states: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Calling anybody who opposes the

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16 Aug 2013

Oprah’s Handbag vs. Duck Dynasty’s Hotel

Oprah cried “racism” when she wasn’t treated like the queen she thinks she is. Racism is the entry word to silence. If you want to shut up the opposition, cry “racism.” If you want to push a corrupt political agenda, cry “racism.” I believe Oprah cried “racism” as a way

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08 Aug 2013

Hey Oprah, Have You Seen the Beat Down of a White Kid?

Oprah Winfrey compared the death of Trayvon Martin to the 1955 murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till who while visiting relatives in Mississippi was murdered for reportedly flirting with a white woman. Big tough guys picking on a 14-year-old cannot be compared to Trayvon Martin who bloodied George Zimmerman. After the

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