02 Jul 2018

Will Democrat Rhetoric Lead to More Violent Acts?

The more Democrats talk, the more they incite their followers to unspeakable rhetorical savagery on men and women they disagree with. Some of them go so far as to make violent threats against people they disagree with. The vast majority of Democrats rarely raise a whisper against the comments of

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29 Dec 2017

The Astounding 1983 Prediction That Liberals Hoped Never Would Happen

Alvin Toffler was able to see what technology would affect central planning.

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Say no to net neutrality
27 Feb 2017

Good news for defenders of Internet freedom. Sorry, Progressives.

As of June 2016, there appeared to be nothing but storm clouds gathering over the issue of Internet liberty. Then, in January, out of nowhere, came a ray of hope…

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