05 Oct 2015

What if the Oregon Shooter had Targeted Muslims, ‘Gays’ or ‘Transgenders’?

The nation was rightly horrified when Christians in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, were gunned down. There was so much outrage that anything Confederate was considered to be an affront to civil rights. Flags were removed, names of Confederate Generals were expunged, and some even advocated digging up

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28 Oct 2014

Houston Mayor Annise Parker Lies About Daughter’s Driver’s License

Homosexuals have always portrayed themselves as victims. Sure, there is some violence against homosexuals as there is against blacks, Jews, rich people, poor people, the homeless, young people, women, and nearly every other group. Homosexuals, however, have turned it into political theater. When Matthew Shepard was beaten and murdered, it

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17 Oct 2014

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Responds to Houston Sermon Demand

One of the ways the Left has beaten constitutionalists is by having people in places of authority to control the narrative and the legislation. The homosexual movement, comprising 1.6 percent of the population, has dominated the narrative and worked tirelessly to get its people in positions of power. Consider the

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02 Sep 2014

Media Pushing New Gay ‘Victim’ Who Comes Out to His Family

Homosexuals have been first class propagandists. They’ve been able to make it criminal for people who disagree with their sexual behavior to be fined for their beliefs. They’ve done this while only being 1.6 percent of the population. Homosexual propagandists turned the Matthew Shepard murder into a gay-bashing cause. In

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17 Sep 2013

Matthew Shepard and the Lie that Got “Hate Crime” Legislation Passed

Hate Crime legislation is one of the most insidious legal monsters ever to have been created by the State, and the Mathew Shepard case is the most notorious. A person who is murdered out of spite, revenge, or just for the fun of it should receive the same weight of

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