28 Apr 2015

Chris Matthews Blames Riots on Right-To-Work States

Riots never built a civilization. Even in the midst of the most severe tragedies, rioting never solved anything. Let’s be clear . . . not all blacks in Baltimore are rioting, but those that are get all the attention. The damage they are do will hut the city. Since most

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12 Nov 2014

Maryland Muslims Say No to Christmas in Public Schools

Who needs terrorism when you can just surrender to Islam? You’ve heard the saying, “Give ’em enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves.” That’s what many of our government institutions are doing. If one Muslim is offended, then all of us must pay for that offense. The same is true of

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15 Aug 2014

Federal Judge Rules AR-15s are not Protected by Second Amendment

According to a 47-page opinion by U.S. District Judge Catherine C. Blake, “guns that were regulated by the state of Maryland last year, including AR-15 and AK-style rifles (as well as other magazine fed, semi-auto rifles with certain features), “fall outside Second Amendment protection as dangerous and unusual arms.” If

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28 Mar 2014

County Commissioner Will Take Jail Over Being Denied Her Religious Rights

Judges are stepping in where they have no jurisdiction, no constitutional backing, no understanding of the limits of the federal government in relation to the states, and almost no knowledge of American history. “A Carroll County [Maryland] commissioner said she was ‘willing to go to jail’ opening up a board

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16 Oct 2012

NY Mayor Bloomberg Puts Big Money Behind Same-Sex Marriage Amendment

You remember Michael Bloomberg. He’s the busy-body mayor of New York City. He’s also the guy who wants to ban oversized soft drinks. Consider this from the mayor. Now he’s in the sex business: “I do not believe that government has any business telling one class of couples that they

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10 Jul 2012

Rich People Fleeing the Country and High Taxing States

Money is a coward. It goes where it won’t be assaulted. Our government is not making money safe for doing business, so many Americans are taking their money overseas. “Denise Rich, the songwriter and socialite who was once married to pardoned financier Marc Rich, has given up her U.S. citizenship,

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03 Mar 2012

Liberal Groups Want to Censor American History

Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland are claiming that the Commissioners of Carroll County, Maryland, were wrong to use $800 of taxpayer money to fund a talk by David Whitney, pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Fellowship in Pasadena, Maryland, to teach

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