Chris Matthews Blames Riots on Right-To-Work States

Riots never built a civilization. Even in the midst of the most severe tragedies, rioting never solved anything. Let’s be clear . . . not all blacks in Baltimore are rioting, but those that are get all the attention. The damage they are do will hut the city.

Since most of the rioters are young, and news stories are reporting that some of the rioters are from out of town, they have very little financial stake in their city. They don’t seem to realize that riots are more than about the moment. The civil disturbances will affect the city long term.

This adult woman understands the harm these impetuous rioters are doing to the reputation of Baltimore, so she took her own action: “A suspected rioter in Baltimore got the smackdown of his life Monday by his mom on television.The mother saw her son on television throwing rocks at police, reports ABC Baltimore affiliate WMAR. That’s when she’d had enough, dishing up a dose of discipline:

She understands what’s going to come next. Business will move out, and future businesses will decide that the risk is too great in Baltimore.

Chris Matthews has made the asinine argument that the riots are the result of right to work states south of Maryland.

Matthews said the following to former NAACP president and former Congressman Kweisi Mfume (D-Md.).

“And they went to the right-to-work states, you know where they went, where the unions didn’t have any power. You could get people to work for nothing and the stuff wasn’t that good that was made down there. But that was the first stop on the trip away [of jobs leaving the country].”

What a moron. The South is bustling with business because of the economic climate and the lack of unions that end up keeping unskilled workers out of the workforce. Look what the unions did to Detroit.

And what about Matthews’ claim that “stuff” made in these right-to-work states “wasn’t that good”? Tell that to international companies who have set up their business in these states.

The South Korean auto company KIA has revitalized LaGrange, Georgia, and surrounding counties. This doesn’t count the companies that have moved to the area to service KIA. KIA cars have some of the highest quality ratings.

Ken Shepherd, writing for Newsbusters adds:

“Is Chris not aware that BMW, Boeing, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Honda, just to name a few, are major companies with significant manufacturing operations in right-to-work states? Those companies don’t come to mind when you think crappy products, and I’m pretty sure their blue-collar employees, many of whom repeatedly vote AGAINST unionization, are perfectly happy with their wages and benefits.”

Liberals have tried to fix the economic conditions for the underclass in America and all they have done is expand it. While it helps them win elections, it also leads to resentment, more poverty, broken families, and long-term economic dependency.

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