15 Aug 2015

Would Geraldo Rivera Have Made a Good Nazi Sympathizer?

During a heated exchange on Fox’s “The Five” about the Planned Parenthood videos, “liberal co-host Geraldo Rivera suggested to fellow co-host Greg Gutfeld that aborted babies should made into ‘dog food.’” He went on to say that he wants “a cure” for various diseases using aborted unborn baby body parts.

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05 Aug 2014

Thomas Sowell Takes on the Ignorant Non-Thinkers

The first book I read by Thomas Sowell was Knowledge and Decisions (1980).It’s a dense book, but it is filled with so many interesting stories, facts, and analogies that it’s worth taking the time to plow through it. The story about Walt Disney and his early art is filled with

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11 Mar 2012

How to Tick Off a Democrat — Call it the ‘Democrat Party’

Liberals hate it when you refer to their party as the “Democrat” Party and not by its official name — the “Democratic Party.” The following is an exchange that took place between Geraldo Rivera and a producer on his WABC radio show: GERALDO: I don’t like when they say ‘Democrat’

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10 Feb 2012

Watching a Sonogram Before Getting an Abortion is ‘Totalitarianism’?

I don’t watch The View. But every morning, I drive to my mother’s apartment to check on her and dispense her daily medication. On Wednesday morning, The View was on. The topic was the “decision by a Texas judge to uphold a law requiring women to look at an ultrasound

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