How to Tick Off a Democrat — Call it the ‘Democrat Party’

Liberals hate it when you refer to their party as the “Democrat” Party and not by its official name — the “Democratic Party.” The following is an exchange that took place between Geraldo Rivera and a producer on his WABC radio show:

GERALDO: I don’t like when they say ‘Democrat’ instead of ‘Democratic.’ It’s just like …

NOAM LADEN: It sounds a little strange, right?

GERALDO: … It’s not only strange but it just sounds like he’s trying to do it just to jab ’em. I think it’s like kind of a cheap shot, the Democrat Congress. It’s like, I don’t know.

LADEN: On purpose, you mean, yeah?

GERALDO: … like the Jerk-Off Congress. Should I say that? Uh, OK, I did, sorry, I apologize ladies and gentlemen.

It’s typical of Geraldo to turn a debate about politics into something sexual. The title of his 1991 autobiography is Exposing Myself where you’ll find page after page of sexual conquests including Mick Jagger and Rudolph Nureyev (pages 191-192). Rivera describes the experience as a “giddy” encounter in 1972 in the kitchen of his  apartment as something like sandwich sex. Geraldo wrote: “If I were ever going to have a homosexual experience, it would have been that night.” Disgusting.

The web address for the Democratic Party is It’s not “” Even some Democrats are confused. I’ve found signs that read: “Enough is Enough . . . Vote Democrat”; “Together We Can! Vote Democrat”; “Time to Vote Democrat.”

Why do Republicans refer to the Democratic Party as the Democrat Party? It’s really quite simple: Democrats don’t have a monopoly on what it means to be democratic. Republicans are democratic although they are not Democrats. The Democrats aren’t the “only true adherents of democracy.”

A person affiliated with the party argues that he is a Democrat not a Democratic. Someone affiliated with the Republican Party is a Republican not a Republicrat.

One of the main reasons I use “Democrat Party” and not the Democratic Party is because so many Americans are ignorant. They honestly believe that the Democratic Party is more democratic. By using the pejorative ‘Democrat,’ it immediately clears up any misunderstanding for the uneducated liberal voter. It might point them back to the Constitution which states:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government. . .” (Art. IV, sec. 4)

By the way, using a noun as a modifier of another noun is done all the time, especially in advertising, and is grammatically correct: Car dealership, shoe store, movie theater, pet store, etc.

So if you want to tick off Democrats, call their party the “Democrat Party.” See how many of them notice. I bet most of them won’t.

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