03 Oct 2015

How the Supreme Court Got Duped by Gay Marriage Advocates

The Supreme Court got played by the gay lobby. The Justices believed that the push to legalize same-sex marriage was an issue of liberty, toleration, and inclusiveness – an “equal treatment under the law.” Even the Libertarians fell for the scam. It turns out that homosexuals wanted to make marriage

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27 Feb 2015

Another Bush in the White House Would be a Disaster for America

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think the day would come that I would agree with Democrat operative James “The Ragin’ Cajun” Carville. But I’m with him on this one. We don’t need, and hopefully the majority of Americans agree, and we don’t want another Bush in the

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08 Oct 2014

Renegade Federal Judges Need to be Opposed on Same-Sex Marriage Decisions

The Supreme Court has refused to take up the issue of federal judges usurping the authority of state legislatures and various referendums regarding same-sex marriage. Most establishment Republicans have remained silent. Most governors have given into the unlawful rulings. They don’t want to take a position and face voters. If

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16 Aug 2014

Is Same-Sex Marriage Inevitable?

If you listen to news reports, you will find that the general conclusion is that everybody is embracing same-sex marriage. There are three main reasons for this misinformation. First, the general population is under the impression that nearly 25 percent of Americans are homosexual. In reality, the percentage of homosexuals

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30 Apr 2014

Has Our Ability to Think Straight been Compromised?

On the “Official Blog of Benjamin L. Corey,” Corey, who describes himself as a former Fundamentalist, claims that Dan Haseltine of the musical group ‘Jars of Clay’ was only asking questions about “Gay” marriage and should not have been attacked. I’m aware of ‘Jars of Clay’ but have never heard

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