29 Aug 2013

Scientists Lie About Evolving Bacteria

Evolutionists have never seen anything evolve, as the word is technically understood, including evolving bacteria. Change, yes. Evolve, no. There’s a difference. Developmental changes within a species takes place all the time. My grandfathers were barely 5’ 5” tall. I’m a fraction of an inch over six feet. I did

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27 Jul 2013

Is It Time for Christians to Abandon the Military?

War is hell. Audie Murphy (1925–1971), one of the most famous and decorated American combat soldiers of World War II, said as much in his book To Hell and Back. While considered a war “hero” and recipient of the Medal of Honor, Murphy was deeply affected by his time in

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02 Jul 2013

American Atheists Show They Need God to Survive

T.S. Elliott, wrote, “The greatest proof of Christianity for others is not how far a man can logically analyze his reasons for believing, but how far in practice he will stake his life on his belief.” True enough, but we can apply this same truth to atheism: “The greatest proof

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10 Jun 2013

Why I Support the New Atheist Monument

The courtyard outside the Bradford County Courthouse in north Florida will include quotations from Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the founder of American Atheists. It will also include a list of Old Testament punishments that mandate the death penalty. The atheist monument will stand next

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09 May 2013

Cleveland Kidnapper’s Defense: My Brain is Just a ‘Meat Computer’

Dr. Jerry Coyne is a professor at the University of Chicago in the Department of Ecology and Evolution who might prove to be an excellent defense witness for Ariel Castro. Coyne is a critic of all anti-evolution belief systems, including creationism, theistic evolution, and intelligent design, which he calls “the

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19 Apr 2013

People Pay Big Money to be told They’re Evolved Pond Scum

The lecture was titled “The Origin of the Universe.” People stood in a quarter-mile-long line for hours and paid big money to be told that they are nothing but a conglomeration of atoms. One hopeful attendee was willing to shell out $1000 for a ticket. The people who got in

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15 Dec 2012

Are We Creating a Culture of Moral Misfits?

Nothing I write or say will do anything to comfort the parents of the children who were murdered by an evil person. I remember the effect the cancer deaths of three of my very young cousins had on my aunts and uncles. They were never the same. Sending children off

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27 Nov 2012

Cosmology, a Motor Cycle Accident, and the Meaning of Life

I was doing a little channeling surfing last night after my wife and I watched Episode 4 of the first season of Foyle’s War, a British detective drama television series set during World War II, using Amazon’s “Prime” service, when I came across a couple of cable shows dealing with

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26 Nov 2012

Setting Traps for Conservative Politicians and How to Avoid Them

Once again a Republican presidential hopeful is under attack by the Left and some on the Right for comments about the age of the earth. An article in GQ, Gentlemen’s Quarterly, magazine wanted a little more information on what Florida Senator Marco Rubio meant by socialism not having “worked in

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24 Oct 2012

Atheists Have No Business Suing over Marriage (or Anything)

An atheist organization has sued the Indiana state government over its marriage statute. The atheists are arguing that the law forbids them from having their own non-religious official perform a marriage ceremony. This is where I start asking a few questions. Here’s the first one: Where in the atheistic evolutionary

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29 Aug 2012

Bill Nye the Atheist Guy

Do you want your children exposed to a scientist who claims God does not exist? Since scientists can’t make such a claim in the name of science, such a scientist is not being a scientist. A scientist can believe God does not exist, but he can’t demonstrate scientifically that God

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24 Aug 2012

Are Liberal Politics and Public Policy Issues Based on ‘Science’?

For about a decade Liberals have described Conservatives as “anti-science.” If you question global warning theorists, you are anti-science. If you question the evolutionary religion that argues for spontaneous generation, you are anti-science. Start with nothing  . . . absolutely nothing. No air. No matter . . . not even

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13 Jun 2012

Harvard Professor Tells Us that We’ve Evolved to “Need Coercion”

For a number of years I have written on the ethical implications of evolution. If evolution is true, the atheistic variety, there are no moral absolutes. This is not to say that atheistic evolutionists are not moral. Many of them are just as moral as non-atheists. While they may be

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28 May 2012

Story of Man Eating another Man is Disturbing but Is It Wrong?

The story of a naked man eating the face of another naked man is making its way around the internet. This took place in broad daylight on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami, Florida. The police shot and killed the cannibal. Were the police right to do this? Cannibalism is not

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27 Apr 2012

The Impact of Left-Wing Ideologies on Revolutions and the Coming Tipping Point

Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in a bombing and a shooting rampage in Oslo, Norway, on July 22, 2011. His trial began April 16 of this year. Breivik is insisting that he was sane then and he is sane now and that he would do it again if he

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16 Apr 2012

New Brain-Replicating Computer is Another Reason Why Evolution Can’t Be True

“The human brain’s power could rival any machine,” Tamara Cohen writes. She’s got it backwards since the brain existed before any machine. The machine – in this case a super computer – is being designed and constructed by humans who have brains and a mind to go with it. There

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31 Mar 2012

Evolutionary Scientists are Becoming More Irrational

At this year’s Reason Rally, reason was touted as the atheists’ first principle. No one has ever seen reason, and yet atheists believe in it. Reason has never done anything, and yet atheists attribute all types of qualities to it. In addition, there is a lot about the cosmos that

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29 Mar 2012

Another Stupid Argument Atheists Use to Support Evolution

Atheists argue that they’re all about reason, logic, and rational argumentation. In fact, they had a big “Reason Rally” in Washington proclaiming these bedrock atheist principles. Atheists extend their paradigm by claiming that if you are not an atheist and do not believe in evolution then you are anti-science. They

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